A Pearl Jewellery Brand with a Young and Fresh Energy

by Reema Farooqui
Pearl Jewellery

Nishi Pearls is all about real moments and real pearls

For far too long, the very thought of pearl jewellery has conjured up images of single strand, white pearl, graduated necklaces that one inherits from a loving grandmother. Essentially, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact it is something to be applauded. After all, how many people can honestly say that a doting grandparent left them a much-cherished piece of jewellery? But the fact remains that pearls often get parked in the “Grandma corner.” This is quite unfortunate – for pearls as well as for the people who think so.

However, one Montréal based fine jewellery brand is on a mission to do away with all such outdated notions. Nishi Pearls is a fine jewellery brand dedicated to pearls and to making pearl jewellery hip and stylish. And in that, they are succeeding marvellously. Named after Japanese marine biologist Tokishi Nishikawa, one of the first researchers to understand the pearl culturing technique, Nishi Pearls was founded by talented siblings Alique and Arka. Today, Nishi Pearls is redefining what it means to wear pearl jewellery.

Arka (left) and Alique (right) in their Montréal offices

Real Moments, Real Pearls

Fourth generation jewellers, Alique and Arka grew up watching their grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts working in the jewellery world. A few years ago, the brother-sister duo decided to make their own mark on the jewellery world. In the process, they also decided to give pearls a young and elegant makeover. And so, Nishi Pearls was founded. The core guiding principles for the brand are to reinvent the pearl and to design affordable, high quality pearl jewellery that can easily go with any look.

All the jewellery pieces at Nishi Pearls are handcrafted. Part of the work is done in Hong Kong. However, the finishing touches and quality control measures take place in Montréal. As a result, the Montréal offices of the brand are always abuzz with activity. Sorting, drilling, setting, knotting- there is an expert for every step of the process. The end result- a lovely piece of pearl jewellery that is both fashionable and timeless!

The pearl jewellery pieces at Nishi Pearls are mainly set with freshwater pearls which are quite often sourced from sustainable pearl farms owned and operated by members of Alique and Arka’s family. Choosing freshwater pearls above the other pearl types has two important objectives. First, freshwater pearls allow the jewellery pieces to remain affordable. Second, there is a wide variety in shapes, colours, orient and lustre that can be found in freshwater pearls. This allows Alique, who is also the inhouse jewellery designer at Nishi Pearls, to create jewellery pieces that stand out for their beauty and uniqueness.

In addition, the jewellery pieces are mounted in sterling silver as well as 10K and 14K gold. This again makes them not only attractive but also quite affordable.

Jewellery Collections

Currently the brand has three pearl jewellery collections under its belt. Each collection has its own, very distinct, singular personality.

The Baroque Collection features one of a kind jewellery set with baroque freshwater pearls. The uniqueness of each piece stems from the uniqueness of the pearls themselves-no two baroque pearls are exactly alike. Therefore, in this collection, the baroque pearl is the hero. The jewellery pieces are crafted to showcase the pearls in all their organic gorgeousness. To own a piece of pearl jewellery from the baroque collection is to own something really special.

Alternately, the Be Wilder Collection has an edgy and modern vibe. Versatility, geometric designs and lustrous, white round pearls framed with white topaz, give the pearl jewellery pieces a fresh and very fashion-forward look. Worn alone or stacked with other pieces, Be Wilder is a collection that is designed to make a statement!

Essentials is, as the name suggests, a collection that primarily focuses on the must-have pieces in anyone’s jewellery box. Pearl earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets… the absolute go-to jewellery pieces that on just cannot do without. Yet, in the Essentials Collection, these very ‘everyday’ pieces have been elevated and made more distinctive with fine design details and exquisite pearls. Mostly adorned with round, near-round or drop-shaped freshwater pearls, this collection allows for variety and style, while staying true to its name.

Built on a family legacy of fine jewellery but fashioned with a forward-looking perspective, Nishi Pearls is a brand that promises high quality luxury pearl jewellery which is both elegant and affordable. Their catchphrase “ Real Moments. Real Pearls” fully encapsulates what the brand is all about. However, what makes this jewellery brand stand apart is the Real People who are at its core-Alique and Arka, their amazing and dedicated team, the jewellery craftsmen making their jewellery pieces, as well as the countless jewellery lovers who have been reintroduced to pearls as a contemporary and very chic gem!

Featured Image: Riley Necklace, Baroque Collection

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