Pearl Jewellery Trends for the Holiday Season

by Reema Farooqui
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South Sea Pearl and Gold Earrings

With December fast approaching and this year, unlike 2020, there will be in-person parties and dinners to look forward to, planning your jewellery look has never been more essential. A quick inventory of the jewellery trends that will shine during this year’s holiday season is a good jumping off point.

The colours that will reign supreme will be white, black and golden. A limited but elegant colour palette which has plenty of room for creativity and flair. This is especially true for pearl jewellery pieces.

Next, earrings that say everything without uttering a syllable. Here, bold is everything. Something to get the conversation going or stop it in its tracks. The earring style will be entirely fluid, from elegant drop earrings to something smaller but with an edge.

Necklaces will also enjoy a strong moment in the spotlight, especially finely crafted pendant necklaces that draw the eye to a focal point on the jewel. With necklaces, layering can be heaps of fun and allows the wearer to have a very personalized look. Wearing a pendant necklace alongside a strand or two of pearls can elevate just about any look.

While social distancing has limited our hand-shaking contact, that does not mean wearing stylish rings is a thing of the past. A statement ring is never a bad idea. Innovative design or striking colour contrasts will always garner attention.

The jewellery you choose wear should be all about giving you joy and your own interpretation of these trends is what really matters. Here are some pearl jewellery pieces that are sure to be on-trend for the end of 2021:

Featured Image: Golden South Sea Pearl and Shell Earrings, Heath London Fine Modern Jewels. Available at, $1,100 USD

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