The Exciting World of The Colors Collection at Assael

by Reema Farooqui

Fresh, exciting, fun, is how I would describe Assael’s The Colors collection. Assael has always led the way in creating elegant and stylish pearl jewellery pieces and their The Colors collection is one such magnificent offering. This collection is based on unique, riveting and sometimes unorthodox combinations of very fine pearls and rare coral with coloured gemstones. Featuring a fabulous array of pearl jewellery pieces in a dazzling melange of colours and hues, The Colors is a sumptuous celebration of the beauty of pearls.

Alongside a vast array of the natural colours of saltwater cultured pearls, including Akoya, Tahitian, Fiji as well as Golden and White South Sea pearls, we see lapidary art at its best. Precious coloured gemstones, cut in exquisite ways, are set with these beautiful pearls. However, these coloured gemstones are there to showcase the pearls, to complement or contrast with them and to pick out their sublime overtones.  

The Tahitian pearl pieces in this collection are particularly noteworthy, where the complementary combination of coloured gemstones really bring out the colours of these beautiful saltwater gems. Very fine Tahitian pearls have an ephemeral quality to them-they are able to exhibit so many different colours at the same time-grey with blue overtones, dark grey with black, aubergines, peacock…the list goes on. The pairing of bi-colour tourmalines with Tahitian pearls is especially outstanding. The green, pink and orange hues of the tourmalines tease out the golds and peacocks-greens of the Tahitian pearls with effortless grace!

Tahitian Pearl, Unheated Tanzanite and Colour Change Garnet Stiletto Earrings

A different pairing, of Tahitian pearls, unheated tanzanite and colour-changing garnets, is also quite spectacular. The Stiletto Earrings with a very modern, avante-garde design is one such example. The combined blue and green sparkle of tanzanites and garnets accentuates the same hues in lustrous silvery grey Tahitian pearls. In every piece of The Colors collection, we see the pearl as the star and the coloured gemstone playing an important but supporting role.

The contrasts are just as alluring. Fabulous golden South Sea pearls paired with blue-green tourmalines are one such pairing. The combination is so unusual and yet so intuitive-the contrast of blue green tourmalines against the deep gold of the pearls is stunning. Another pair of earrings with an equally clever contrast is the Akoya pearl, Morganite and pink Sapphire drop earrings. We are so used to seeing Akoya pearls demurely and exclusively paired with white diamonds, that this bold and confident pairing is simply breathtaking! Vivid pink Sapphires and glowing Morganites against the lustrous white of Akoya pearls is as novel as it is innovative.

Sometimes the contrasts are not in colour, but, very strikingly, in the materials themselves. These are equally as ingenious. The pairing of dark peacock Tahitian pearls with finely carved green Jade and silvery grey Tahitian pearls with carved grey Jadeite are two such examples. The carvings are fine and detailed and serve as a compelling counterfoil to the smooth and unblemished surface of the pearls.

This collection is a true feast for the eyes. It’s alive with shimmering colour- the exquisite beauty of very fine pearls combined with an exhilarating mix of coloured gemstones, gives us something quite extraordinary. A captivating set of jewellery pieces which beautifully showcase very fine pearls against coloured gemstones and brings into focus their unique hues and shades. The Colors collection, an evolving collection with new pieces regularly being added to it, has shown us that pearls and colour can go together famously!

Featured Image: Tahitian Pearl, Amethyst and Lavender Spinel Earrings, The Colors Collection, Assael

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