Brand Consultancy

Do you know about the 60/40 long and short rule?

Many studies have shown that brands that spend 60% of their promotional budget on building their brand (long), and 40% on marketing and sales (short), experience stronger growth and profit as compared to brands that don’t.

While the 60/40 rule is not written in stone (which means you won’t be penalized if you go 50/50 long and short), the rule highlights an important truth for jewelry brands – the time and money you spend on building your brand helps with all your marketing and sales and goes a long way in making your jewelry business recognizable, distinctive and, most importantly, successful.

Your Jewelry Brand 

Your jewelry brand has a fascinating story. This story is about your jewelry but it’s also about you – what set you on the path to starting a jewelry business, the values and vision that guide you and

Your jewelry, like all luxury, is about emotions. Your relationship with your clients is built on these emotions. This relationship, or the way your customers feel about you and your jewelry, in a nutshell, is your BRAND. And, as in any relationship, the more positive it is, the more it develops and flourishes.

But great jewelry brands don’t just happen. They are carefully created and nurtured.

Every jewelry brand has a fascinating story to tell in a voice that is unique and instantly recognizable. But many jewelry businesses either don’t have the know how or the time to create a strong and unique brand, which sets them apart from their competitors, and sets them up for success.

This is where my team and I come in.

Being an MBA, I have a clear understanding of what makes a stand-out brand. Having more than 5 years of experience as a jewelry insider and writing about jewelry has put me in a unique position of understanding the creativity and artistry that goes into making a piece of jewelry and how best to present it to its potential customers.

A brilliant brand image suffused with positive emotions, solid brand awareness and a unique brand voice makes it that much easier for jewelry businesses to see conversions and sales.

I provide personalized consultancy with a very hands-on approach to help jewelry brands achieve all their branding and marketing goals and stand out in the jewelry world.

What We Offer

Brand Identity Development (Values, Voice, Story)

Brand Visual Identity (Logo Design, Colors, Font, Typography)

Brand Positioning and Repositioning

Brand Extension Ideas

However, if you are happy with your brand but are still wondering how to increase your brand recognition and reach potential customers, why not consider letting us help you with your Public Relations?

You can also find out about Collaborations with The Culture of Pearls and read some testimonials from important jewelry industry insiders.

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