Public Relations

So, you’ve poured your heart and soul into crafting your exquisite jewellery pieces, and you have posted about them on social media. But that’s exactly what every other jewellery designer has done. How do you really capture the hearts of your potential customers?

 That’s where Public Relations comes in, and here is how PR helps you and your jewellery brand stand out from the crowd:

Building Recognition, Trust and Credibility –  As your publicist, I will pitch your jewellery pieces and collections to reputable publications, popular blogs and websites. When your jewellery pieces are featured in these publications, this endorsement will not only give widespread exposure to your brand, it will build trust and credibility for your brand among your potential clients.

Storytelling Power – You and I both know that jewellery is more than just adornment, it is steeped in emotions, and these emotions emanate from deeply felt stories. As your publicist, I will share the inspirations and ideas behind your jewellery pieces and collections, highlighting the values your jewellery brand stands for.  

So, what do I bring to the table?

As your publicist, think of me as your personal storyteller. When I start working with you, I will create a captivating and authentic narrative about your jewellery brand. That is because my job as a jewellery blogger is to write stories that enchant. Plus, brand building is my special super power.

You are busy with the creative aspects of your jewellery business, plus there are day-to-day things to take care of. Honestly, you neither have the time, nor the expertise to write pitches or run after journalists to consider your jewellery pieces foe their next feature.

As your publicist, I will do all that, and more for your jewellery brand, and make sure that your brand gets the recognition it deserves.

Being a jewellery journalist myself and having been pitched to countless times, I understand the power of a perfect, well-timed pitch. I also understand what editors and journalists are looking for and how best to grab their attention.

What’s more, I understand the rhythms of the jewellery world, what’s trending and how to use the trends to best showcase the bejewelled creations of my clients. With this intrinsic understanding of the jewellery world, I write great pitches – attention grabbing, topical and engaging.

Your jewellery is beautiful, but I want more people to know about it. For that, I will work hard and make sure to get your jewellery featured in reputable publications and blogs.

Public Relations with The Culture of Pearls

Media Relations – Features in Reputable Publications

Influencer/ Blogger Relations – Features on Popular Blogs and Social Media Accounts

Email Marketing – Regular Emails to Keep You Top of Mind of Your Potential Customers

Writing Press Releases – To Share News About Your New Collections or Launch Events

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