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My name is Reema and I am passionate about jewellery, both as a consumer and as a reviewer. The way I see it, jewellery is more than just adornment, it is as an embodiment of fine and sculptural art.

However, amongst the myriad of gems we see in the jewellery world, it is pearls that I love best. One of the oldest known gems, pearls have been treasured for their unmistakable beauty and value since antiquity. I enjoy looking for pearl jewellery and writing about pearls.

My love for well crafted jewellery started many years ago. Also, growing up in a family of jewellery loving women definitely helped set me on this path. Visiting jewellery shops and workshops and seeing bespoke pieces come to life from idea to finished piece, has given me a deep and critical appreciation for jewellery and jewellery making.

Having lived in South Asia, the Middle East and North America, I have been exposed to a variety of different jewellery designs, styles and gems. For me, the world of jewellery is a fascinating wonderland, a never-ending source of new ideas and old history.

Over the years, I have broadened my understanding of jewellery and jewellery making through books and jewellery education courses. Still, nothing teaches you more about jewels and jewellery than handling the pieces yourself – turning them over, putting them on and looking at them in different lights.

The real question then is, what exactly makes a piece of jewellery beautiful and special? Beauty is a very subjective concept, but good quality gems and fine workmanship, original and unforgettable designs and ease of wearability, in my opinion are the three pillars of exceptional jewellery.

If you would like to share your own jewellery stories with me, please email me at hello@thecultureofpearls.com