by Reema Farooqui


Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

My name is Reema and I love pearls. One of the oldest known gemstones, pearls have been treasured for their unmistakable beauty and value for centuries. I enjoy looking for pearl jewellery and talking all things pearls.

I am a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Early Childhood Studies. However, my real passion is pearls, jewellery and writing. I have been aware of fine and high jewellery since I could remember. That is because I grew up in a family of jewellery loving women-my mother, my grandmothers and my aunts. When I was growing up, all the women in the family wore bespoke pieces and nothing less than a 22 karat gold setting was given any consideration. From my grandmother I learned the importance of high quality gem and from my mother the value of high craftsmanship and good, wearable design. Nothing teaches you more about jewels and jewellery than handling the pieces yourself, turning them over, putting them on and looking at them under different lights. That is where I picked up a lot of essential knowledge about what constitutes good jewellery. However, along the way I completed a couple of jewellery education certificates, but I learn new things every day and that is the most exciting and fun part of writing about pearls and jewellery.

Every pearl is unique and every piece of pearl jewellery has an interesting story to tell.

If you would like to share your own pearl stories with me, please do send me an email at hello@thecultureofpearls.com