Vegas Bling! Hottest Jewellery Trends Fresh Off the Show Floors

From pearls and diamonds to elegant design motifs and gold, here’s what sparkled in at the Las Vegas shows this year

by Reema Farooqui
Hottest Jewellery trends

The hottest jewellery trends spotted at the Las Vegas shows are always solid indicators of the direction fine and high jewellery is headed in, for the next 12 months or so. And this year was no different.

Here are some highlights of the hottest jewellery trends coming out of Las Vegas.

Top Quality Pearls

Pearls did well again this year. Gold South Sea pearls were able to garner interest and peacock as well as multicolour Tahitian pearls, (in strands especially), did particularly well. In addition, natural coloured Freshwater pearls also drew attention.

However, white saltwater pearls had a good show and garnered a lot of positive interest. This was true for top quality white Akoya pearls as well as large white South Sea pearls.

In finished pearl jewellery, gem-quality saltwater pearls – Akoya, Tahitian and South sea – all did well. Diamond and pearl pairing continued to shine but pearls paired with deeply saturated, fancy-cut coloured gemstone was another memorable and important jewellery trend  at the shows.

Natural pearls, especially non-nacreous pearls like pink conch pearls, also featured at the show. But these were seen only with select high jewellery brands and top jewellery designers.

For more information: Assael ; Mastoloni ; Yen’s Jewelry; Mikimoto

A Festival of Colour

The one resounding trend for the shows was colour! Bright and vibrant, colour was everywhere. Coloured gemstones brought fine as well as high jewellery pieces alive. Set in rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and cuffs as well and necklaces, coloured gems echoed the energy and upbeat mood of the shows.

High and fine jewellery pieces set with colourful and smooth tumbled gemstones, in floral designs were another important highlight. Enamel in a medley of bright tones was yet another way colour shone.

For more information: Le Vian ; Gyan Jaipur ; Gabriel & Co.; German Kabirski

The Glitter of Yellow Gold

Yellow gold jewellery was another hit during the shows. The preferred colour for gold, many jewellery brands and designers showcased yellow gold jewellery.  On its own or set with sparkling diamonds and coloured gemstones, yellow gold jewellery stole the show.

For more information about these pieces: Sanaz Doost ; Sauer

Nature Inspired Jewels

  • Hottest Jewellery trends

The show also featured a selection of nature-inspired jewels. From floral jewellery to dragonflies and butterflies, floral motifs made a veritable garden of colour and lustre.

In addition, the serpent motif was very popular. From pearl-set serpent bracelets to snake-themed diamond earrings and necklaces, serpents with their positive symbolism were part of many varied collections.

For more information about these pieces: Autore ; Gabriel & Co.; Tavanti ; Tallin Jaipur ; J’EVAR ; Mastoloni ; Prakshi Jaipur

Colour-Drenched Opals

Opals are having a real moment these days and the Las Vegas shows threw a special spotlight on their beauty. In large sizes, which perfectly showcased their mesmerizing play of colour and glimmering flashes of opalescence, opal jewellery pieces were true statement pieces. One of the hottest jewellery trends, opal jewellery created quite a stir at the jewellery shows.

For more information about these pieces: David Kord ; Le Vian

Art Deco Designs

The Art Deco style found new iterations at the Las Vegas shows. This elegant style is timeless and continues to inspire jewellery designers and brands alike.

Geometric lines and symmetry underscored the Art Deco inspired pieces, even as each designer and brand give it their own, signature style.

For more information: Statement Paris

Bold and Unique Diamond Cuts

This was also the year of innovative diamond cuts. Pushing the boundaries of cut, fire and scintillation were both natural as well as lab-grown diamond brands.

One big takeaway was that diamond-cuts are moving away from the traditional into a brand new territory where confidence and artistic imagination leads the way.

Bold and creative strides are being taken with this material, driving the industry in the direction of innovative diamond designs rather than diamonds set in conventional jewellery designs.

For more information: J’EVAR ; Varsha Diamonds

Featured Image:  Jardin Mysterieux Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Choker, Mikimoto

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