JCK Las Vegas 2024 Sneak Peek – Four Top Jewellery Brands Dish the Trends

Excitement builds as top brands gear up for the jewellery industry's biggest event. Discover the dazzling goodies waiting for you on the glittering show floor.

by Reema Farooqui

The countdown to JCK Las Vegas has begun! Less than a month away, JCK Las Vegas is one of the most important international jewellery trade shows where the jewellery industry comes together to buy, sell, network, and learn. It is also the one industry event that sets the stage for the top jewellery trends for the next 12 months.  

Last year, from the JCK Las Vegas show floor, brightly coloured gemstones set in ring, yellow-gold chains and figurative jewellery designs inspired by nature, emerged as the hottest trends that trickled to every corner of the international jewellery world. Suddenly, little jewelled animals and intricately crafted butterflies were everywhere. Gemstones in deeply saturated rainbow colours adorned fingers and ears alike. And the “neck-mess” got a new lease on life with refined as well as chunky yellow-gold chains.

This year too, new and riveting jewellery trends are expected to emerge from The Venetian Expo, during the Las Vegas show.

Here are four top jewellery brands sharing the scoop on the most exciting jewellery trends for 2024 and what they are looking forward to at JCK Las Vegas 2024.

Le Vian

Top jewellery trends Le Vian
Selection of fine and high jewellery pieces from Le Vian

Trendsetters of the jewellery world, Le Vian have created many magical and unforgettable jewellery moments. Their bold use of colour, detailed jewellery designs and immaculate craftsmanship, has put this brand in a league of its own.

What’s more, they are not shy of taking a bet on exquisite but little known gems. Their Chocolate Diamonds brought into spotlight the beauty of coloured diamonds. Their Peacock Aquaprase jewels turned all eyes towards this exceptional blue-green gem.

Every year at JCK Las Vegas, Le Vian reveal their jewellery trends forecast for the following year. And the jewellery world follows their lead. This year too, the jewellery world waits with bated breath to see what Le Vian reveal in their annual trend forecast.

What exciting new jewellery pieces can we expect to see at Le Vian this year?

Le Vian: During a time of caution, Le Vian is taking bold steps, and we are excited about the stratospheric rise of gold. In support of our Awe and Wonder trend forecast, we predict that gold will rule the roost in 2025. Le Vian is set to bring out many original, new collections of gold jewels, incorporating the trend into their new stories in a multitude of ways. Capturing the radiance and beauty of the Southern Italian sky at golden hour is the Tramonto D’Oro collection (literally translating to “Sunset of Gold”).

Le Vian artisans have set out to recreate that magical moment with the help of burnished 14K gold and glittering diamonds and uses an ombré of blues to reflect the changing colors of the sunset. 

Can you share any upcoming trends Le Vian will be showcasing at JCK Las Vegas this year?

Le Vian: At the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas, Le Vian is unveiling its forecast of seven consumer sentiments for the forthcoming year. Each sentiment heralds a jewelry trend that embodies its essence, giving way to over 100 novel collections and a myriad of new designs, all crafted from the finest natural color diamonds and gems of unparalleled quality. It has been a herculean effort not only designing these collections but crafting the storytelling around each of them.

Le Vian is expanding its empire, magnifying its ballroom expanse and doubling the space containing its private, appointment-only High Jewelry Room at JCK, where a constellation of never-before-seen collections will make their grand debut. The Le Vian High Jewelry collection is a testament to artistry, a selection of one-of-a-kind, hand-forged original designs that spotlight singular color diamonds and the rarest of gems, all set in Le Vian Platinum—the epitome of durability in the jewelry realm.

Beyond its beautiful jewellery, what else can we look forward to experiencing with Le Vian this year at JCK Las Vegas?

Le Vian: Guests are in for quite a treat this year, as apart from the beautiful jewels Le Vian is planning to present, invitees can prepare to be enthralled by the exciting entertainment at its annual Red Carpet Catwalk. 

The MC for the evening is master mentalist Lior Suchard, known as the best mentalist in the world. He has appeared on prime-time TV specials across the world and on talk shows including Ellen DeGeneres, James Corden and Larry King. 

Interviewing guests as they arrive on the iconic red carpet will be celebrity jewelry influencer Julia Chafe (@juliachafe and @jewelswithjules) who explores the confluence of pop culture and jewelry with over 500,000 followers on social media.

The musical entertainment for the evening will be provided by Mark McGrath of the multi-platinum chart topping Sugar Ray. 

The event will start with red carpet arrivals with paparazzi photos, followed by a warm welcome and interviews with Julia. The evening will then move onto the five segment programme which includes the 2025 Trend Forecast and glamorous Catwalk Fashion Show, with MC Lior Suchard who will reveal the key trends of the year along with the family values that drive Le Vian, followed by a captivating finale act. Guests will then be treated to an exclusive performance by Mark McGrath, followed by photo opportunities, and then the much awaited after party will begin.  The evening will support the brand’s chosen charities, with Le Vian and an anonymous donor matching the first $250,000 of donations to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and $50,000 to global non-profit Diamonds Do Good that works to empower people in diamond communities.


Synonymous with breathtaking cultured pearls, Mastoloni are one of the oldest purveyors of cultured pearl jewellery in North America. Specializing in Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian and Freshwater pearls, at Mastoloni, each and every pearl is selected for its quality and beauty.

In addition, their pearl jewellery pieces are at once stylish and timeless. Crafted with precision and care, Mastoloni pearl jewellery has proudly been chosen “Best in Pearls” by retailers all over the US.

What new products or collections can we expect to see at Mastoloni’s booth this year?

Mastoloni will have our Men’s and Piccola Perla collections at our booth, which are two of our newer collections. Piccola Perla means “little pearl” in Italian, and this collection is made up of everyday pieces with small, but gorgeous, white freshwater pearls.

Are there any specific trends in colours, pearl types or jewellery styles that will be prominent in your offerings?

We will not have new pearl types, but we will have more pink pearls in our offerings. There will also be peachy pearls to match the Pantone color of the year, which is PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz. Regarding jewelry styles, we plan to have more large hoop earrings, which feature diamonds and pearls.

What, in your opinion, sets Mastoloni apart from other pearl brands exhibiting at JCK Las Vegas?

The Mastoloni line focuses on offering our customers high-quality pearls from loose pearls to strands to finished jewelry. We are a one-stop shopping experience for retailers who are looking for finished pearl jewelry or pearls they can create designs with on their own.

Do you have any predictions on what will be the biggest jewellery trends in Las Vegas this year?

We feel we will see more classic collections at the show this year with a focus on key items like hoops and strands. We also strongly believe that we will see more men’s collections as pearls continues to be a strong element in men’s jewelry.

Pillar and Stone

Top gemstone trends, Pillar and Stone
Selection of loose coloured gemstones from Pillar and Stone International

Pillar and Stone International have been specializing in sourcing, cutting and wholesaling top-quality fine natural gemstones and diamonds for over 35 years. Their gemstones are meticulously selected from direct sources including mining sites.

Through a trustworthy network of sources, developed over almost four decades, Pillar and Stone are able to supply their clients with a dazzling variety of coloured gemstones, jade and diamonds. Founder and owner of Pillar and Stone, Nata Heng Schleussel has always focused on beauty, value and price fairness as their guiding principles.

What exciting new gemstones can we expect to see at your booth this year, Nata? Why have you chosen to showcase these gemstones?

Pillar and Stone: Rubellites have always been a popular seller and this year I am happy to offer rubellites from the famous Paprok mining area of Afghanistan. This area is renowned for its tourmalines, especially for  the ‘Watermelon” ones that have 3 distinct colors of red, colorless and green.

Tourmalines from Paprok come in pale pink to intense shades of fuchsia and raspberry.  They are routinely heated which makes them more affordable than their African counterparts.

I also will have some zircons, including natural unheated ones as well as the beautiful blue Cambodian zircons. I think blue zircons are under appreciated. Their electric blue color is unlike any other and they are still more affordable in large sizes. But I think the recent price increases show their gaining popularity.  

Cambodia is my home country and I would like to showcase and promote gems from there as well. The unheated Zircons have a golden yellow color which is quite unusual and beautiful. Their high dispersion makes them very alluring.

While Jadeite Jade isn’t new, we will have a vast inventory of Jadeites in carvings and cabochons and multi-colors! I think Jadeite Jade is one of the last gems to really be “discovered” and the potential in designs and collectability is so high. It is really getting the attention it deserves.

What are you most looking forward to experiencing at the JCK Las Vegas show this year?

Pillar and Stone: Las Vegas is a fantastic place to see what the retailers are looking for and current market trends in real time.  It is the only show you can see a global representation of Jewelry from Estate to Couture.  It is a unique meeting place of ideas, people and inspiration and I always enjoy collaborating and assisting my clients in their jewelry designs.

Is there anything specific you hope to achieve by participating in the event?

Pillar and Stone: I aim to bring a highly personalized experience for existing clients and new ones as well.  I hope my knowledge and passion will help people make the best choices for their designs and collections.  Every single stone is hand selected and tested with our Gem Lab to ensure the highest quality and natural gemstone for our clientele.

Varsha Diamonds

Top jewellery trends, Varsha Diamonds
Selection of jewellery pieces from Varsha Diamonds

With a jewellery story that goes back 30 years, Varsha Diamonds is a celebration of the unique allure of natural diamonds, the ultimate “gift of the heart.”

As a brand, Varsha Diamonds excels in the art of cutting diamonds to the most exacting industry standards, in order to achieve the highest light return in each diamond. In fact, their proprietary The Fireworks Diamonds™  brand has taken the round-brilliant, cushion, oval and princess cut to new heights of optimal light performance.

In addition to its vast inventory of loose natural diamonds, Varsha Diamonds also offers finished fine jewellery to its clients. As a matter of fact, many jewellers have made high value sales from Varsha’s offerings of finished jewellery and sparkling loose natural diamonds.

What are you eagerly anticipating experiencing the most this year at JCK Las Vegas?

Varsha Diamonds: We are looking forward to spending some quality time with our retailers in person and showcasing out latest designs, especially our new color collections. For the first time ever, we are launching colored gemstone jewelry collections – Candy Color, Green Majesty, and Varsha Vintage, as well as some exciting new rings with 3 carat and higher lab grown colored diamonds.

Can you share any insights on upcoming trends at JCL Las Vegas this year?

Varsha Diamonds: We are seeing a rising demand for semi-precious colored gemstones such as aquamarine and garnet.  Also, stackable jewelry is trending, as well as emeralds.  In the diamond jewelry sector, natural diamonds are getting a lot of attention; however, on the lab grown side, we are seeing demand for color in larger lab grown diamonds, interesting blues, yellows, and rosè.

We are betting on color. I think colorful jewelry and colored gemstone jewelry will be one of the most talked about trends at JCK.

Do you have any particular goals or objectives for this year’s JCK Las Vegas show?

Varsha Diamonds: We really hope to increase the industry’s awareness of our proprietary Fireworks Diamonds™️ cut – it is the largest and brightest cut of diamond on the market and is scientifically proven to perform in top tier for brilliance, sparkle, and fire. Also, we really want to introduce our new jewelry collections to retail buyers. Once the buyers see the added value of Fireworks and the relevance of our new color lines, we know they will understand the opportunity to create more sales with higher margins.

What, in your view, distinguishes your brand from others showcasing at JCK Las Vegas?

Varsha Diamonds :  Varsha is unique because we are both a diamond supplier and a jewelry manufacturer. We are essentially a one stop shop. From loose diamonds, which has been the core of our business for over forty years, to new fashion forward designer jewelry, we have it all.  Our Fireworks Diamonds are unique in that they are, quite literally, the biggest and brightest superior light performance diamonds! We offer them in round and fancy shapes like ovals, pears, cushion cuts, radiant cuts, and even bowtie shapes. 

Featured Image: Fancy Colour Diamond Ring, Le Vian

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