On a Bejewelled Escape with Le Vian Jewelry

by Reema Farooqui

Every year jewellery lovers wait in excited anticipation to see the latest jewellery trends revealed by Le Vian Jewelry at their annual Red Carpet Revue. This year was no different.

According to Le Vian Jewelry, seven sentiments will guide jewellery purchases for the year to come : Escape, Renewal, Passion, Brilliance, Bold, Anywhere Everywhere and Distinction.

Each trend, in its own way, resonates perfectly with our collective feeling of having lived through difficult times and having earned a much deserved moment to relax and step away from our everyday worries.

The Escape Resort Collection

However, it’s the feeling of Escape that really speaks to us all, in a knowing and intimate way. And the jewellery pieces of The Escape Resort collection embody the sentiment with gorgeous acuity.

Le Vian Escape Collection
Sea Creatures, The Escape Resort Collection

The  Escape Resort collection is underpinned by its cool colour palette and striking jewellery designs. Clear blue skies unmarred by storm clouds, calm, shimmering turquoise waters teeming with wondrous sea life and fresh, green hued tropical foliage, the images conjured by this collection are sublime. The jewellery pieces, individually and together, portray remarkably evocative feelings on a canvas of vibrant gems and fine jewellery craftsmanship.

Sea creatures, set with pearls, sapphires and diamonds, enchant. A sapphire starfish perched on a pearl, a gem-set dolphin jauntily balancing a large pearl on its snout or a jeweled octopus with beautifully curving arms, each piece has personality and fits perfectly with the mermaidcore look that’s been dominating the jewellery scene everywhere this summer.

Mandarin Fish Pendant Le Vian Escape Collection
Mandarin Fish Pendant, The Escape Resort Collection

Le Vian excel at crafting artistically inspiring pieces that depict the beauty of Nature. Last year they presented jewellery lovers with the marvellously detailed Koi pendant.  This year they debuted the Mandarin Fish pendant. Skilfully realised fish scales, in sapphires, emeralds and citrines, are framed with enamelled fins and diamond accents. This pendant is a masterpiece of imagination, design and jewellery craftsmanship.

The Sea of Pearls collection, a beguiling medley of graduated white freshwater pearls and sparkling diamonds, gives this classic gem pairing a fresh yet timeless look. This is one of those collections that can go from day to evening with ease and style.

The Le Vian Escape collection is a shimmering and scintillating exploration of the idea of taking a break and letting go of our worries. The jewellery pieces of this collection are a doorway to a world of serenity and wonder.

Le Vian Couture Collection

For jewellery lovers, Le Vian’s high jewellery Couture collection is the very definition of glamour and sophistication. Featuring their uplifting Sunny Yellow Diamonds, bewitching Natural Pink diamonds and warming Chocolate diamonds, the jewellery pieces of the Couture collection are jaw-dropping in their beauty.

Le Vian Couture Collection Paraiba Tourmaline
Paraiba Tourmaline Le Vian Couture Collection

The high jewellery Paraiba tourmaline pieces are a study in vivid colour and exceptional craftsmanship. Paraiba tourmalines are one of those gems that Nature designed to dazzle. Set in Le Vian’s Couture collection pieces, they mesmerize with their neon bright colour and glittering lustre.

Another wonderful aspect of the Couture collection is its Aquaprase jewellery pieces. With a unique blue-green colour and distinctive natural patterns, so reminiscent of tropical landscapes and oceanic depths, Aquaprase perhaps best embodies what it means to escape, to be free of niggling worries.

“Some of the most beautiful patterns of Aquaprase are as rare as some of the precious gems and diamonds and have become part of the Le Vian High Jewelry Collection,” Eddie LeVian, CEO of Le Vian, observed about the brand’s choice of selecting Aquaprase for their Couture collection.

These high jewellery pieces are set with glossy, polished Aquaprase and brilliant-cut diamonds. Peer deeply into one of these exceptional gems and somewhere in its depths, you might just catch a glimpse of a tumultuous blue-green sea crowned with white, frothy seafoam.  

For pearl lovers, Le Vian Couture collection’s Glinda necklace is a jewelled declaration that pearls are not only trending, but they are here to stay. The necklace is set with large freshwater pearls with heart melting pink overtones, white diamonds and blush-pink tourmalines. This necklace has been made in an eye-catching, contemporary style but is also reminiscent of old-world grandeur in its design aesthetic. In short, it’s a timeless classic.

Le Vian has once again dazzled jewellery lovers with its fine and high jewellery pieces. The Le Vian Escape collection delivers what it promises – a gem-studded escape and a chance to find beauty in the wonders of Nature. The high jewellery Couture collection, with its enchanting gems, finely detailed designs and skilled jewellery craftsmanship, is pure magic!

Featured Image: Pearl and Diamond Earrings, Sea of Pearls, Le Vian Escape Collection

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