Precious Sentiments Woven into Fine Jewellery

by Reema Farooqui

Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast

Le Vian’s Trend Forecast 2023 was unveiled earlier this month at their 23rd annual red carpet catwalk in Las Vegas. Unlike previous years, where the forecast has predicted style trends for the coming year, this year Le Vian’s Trend Forecast shines a spotlight on seven key sentiments that are expected to drive jewellery demand in 2023. This shift in focus is a deliberate reinvention of Le Vian’s annual jewellery trends forecast. Explaining this shift, Eddie LeVian, CEO of Le Vian observed, “For our 2023 Trend Forecast we have pivoted our focus to the emotions at the core of jewelry buying decisions. Jewelry is an emotional more than a rational purchase. We are focussing on the consumer sentiments set to propel collectors to desire jewelry – the emotions which articulate the mood of the moment in popular culture.”

Of the seven, Alive-Beautiful Creations, is the headline sentiment for 2023. This sentiment embodies a very special moment, when after having caught our breath, we are ready to live life in all its glorious hues. Alive-Beautiful Creatures collection, very fittingly, is a jewelled celebration of life represented through the magnificent diversity of Nature. Divided into three chapters, Land, Sea and Air, the collection is a brilliant curation gem-set jewellery ‘sculptures.’ At once graceful and artistic, each jewel within this collection is imbued with profound symbolism. Alive, the sentiment, is thus understood not only through the ‘beauty’ of the creatures but also through the beauty of the meaning behind them.

Within Alive there are three outstanding, one-of-a-kind pieces. The Siamese Fighting Fish necklace, is a jewel like no other. Pavé-set with sapphires and white diamonds, it is a scintillating and delightful jewelled adornment. Similarly, the Koi Pendant is a jewel of singular elegance and charm. It is nothing less than jewelled art that sincerely captures the graceful movement of koi fish in a smooth pavé of multicoloured gems and gold. Lastly, the Dragonfly Necklace, a well-loved late Victorian jewellery motif, is brought to life through exceptional design sensibilities, coloured gems, diamonds and an exquisite pearl. Le Vian’s Dragonfly is sleek, lyrical and very contemporary. In a word, it is spectacular! That it took almost took almost nine months to craft each of these jewels from start to finish, is easily attested by their well-considered designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

Color on Color Ring, Toi et Moi Rings, Tranquility Collection

The next collection, Tranquility, opens up a jewelled world that is at defined by the colour Periwinkle-blue with varying subtones of purple and pink. Tanzanites, sapphires and aquamarines are set in jewels which speak the language of inner peace and of finding calmer shores after the turbulence of the last two years.

A particularly enchanting part of Tranquility are the Toi et Moi rings. Touching upon this very current jewellery trend, an inspired pairing of gemstones defines Le Vian’s ‘you and me’ – amethyst and tanzanite, blue topaz and amethyst, morganite and aquamarine. In these quintessentially romantic rings, love is reciprocal, distinctive and unique.

The Balance jewellery collection emphasises symmetry and harmony, seen not just through jewellery pieces set with emeralds but also through the steady equilibrium of the ‘emerald’ gemstone-cut itself. The precision of the emerald cut and the spiritual and emotional balance embodied by emeralds makes Balance doubly special.

Conversely, Spontaneity has exuberance and youthful energy written all over it. Brimming with unfettered joy, this sentiment has been brought to life with the vivid colours of Le Vian Enamel. The enamel work is crisp and glossy which makes the whimsical motifs of the collection really pop- a red ladybug, a bubble-gum pink hamsa hand, a happy yellow smiley face. Also, among all the sentiments, it is this collection that truly speaks the language of Gen Z jewellery lovers. With its bright hues and playful designs, Spontaneity is a fine jewellery collection with oodles of personality and presence.

Sunshine Medallions, Optimism Collection

The last three trends Optimism, Euphoria and Strength echo similar trends from last year and in so doing draw attention to the fact that these three sentiments continue to embody the mood of the moment. Optimism about setting foot into a brighter future, is embodied in the bright yellow colours of Le Vian’s Sunny Yellow diamonds. Within this collection, the Sunshine Medallions with their clusters of certified natural yellow diamonds, dazzle like the rays of the sun, .

Euphoria, an intense feeling of bliss, is experienced through Le Vian’s Chocolate diamonds. Each diamond within this collection is carefully chosen to meet the highest criteria for colour, clarity, size and cut.

Platinum Record Necklace, Strength Collection

Platinum, which can hold gems more securely than any other precious metal, is the inspiration behind the last sentiment, Strength. The jewellery pieces within this collection, whether set with white diamonds or coloured gems, have an undeniable style. Moreover, the rich, naturally white colour of the exceptionally pure platinum, alloyed by Le Vian, makes the Strength jewellery pieces both unforgettable and quite irresistible.

Le Vian’s 2023 Trend Forecast allows jewellery lovers to express their individuality through colourful and well-crafted jewellery pieces. While each sentiment is a separate capsule collection on its own, together these seven exquisitely-crafted jewellery collections gently nudge us towards brighter, happier moments as we rediscover our aspirations.

Le Vian have already started working on the jewellery trends for 2024.

You can view Le Vian’s 2023 Trend Forecast here.

Featured Image: Dragonfly Necklace, Alive- Beautiful Creatures Collection

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