Positivity, Resilience and Love- Jewelled Beacons Leading us into 2022

by Reema Farooqui

Le Vian looks to a bright 2022 with its Jewellery Trend Forecast

It is almost the end of September and believe it or not, there are less than a 100 days to Christmas. Where did the year go? But more importantly, where are we headed? September 2021 seems like a watershed moment for the jewellery world. In person jewellery shows alongside virtual jewellery fairs, best sums up our reality. We are neither in the depths of the pandemic nor are we finally out of the woods. At such moments, its heartening to look at Le Vian Jewelry’s trend forecast for 2022 and their upbeat jewellery predictions for this coming year.

Learning from the past but keeping their eyes firmly on the future, Le Vian base their trend forecasts on the feedback they receive from international fashion editors and Hollywood celebrities as well as countless Le Vian jewellery collectors (or LeVianistas, as they fondly call themselves). The jewellery house unveiled their latest jewellery trends at their annual catwalk fundraiser, held at the end of August at JCK Las Vegas. These trends, according to Le Vian, will guide jewellery design and purchasing patterns for this coming year.

Here are the seven jewellery trends we need to pay special attention to:

The first trend is Positivity. Cheerfulness and optimism, two things we all struggled with last year but are finding solace in as we move ahead. Positivity lights up our lives in the most unexpected ways and for Le Vian, this trend is best reflected in their Sunny Yellow Diamonds collection as well as their Honey Gold jewellery pieces. #SunnyDaysAhead and we are ready for them!

The next trend is Love and who amongst us can deny the power and pull of this emotion. Looking at the past year and a half, it cannot be denied that love, in its countless different forms, sustained us through the tough times. Where would we be without love? Le Vian’s Love Sonnet’s Collection allows us to say what’s in our hearts with jewels and precious metal. Whether it’s love written in words or expressed as heart-shaped coloured gemstones set in rings and pendants, this collection lets us show our love, in more ways than one.

Love – Love Sonnets Jewellery Collection

Resilience is next, and its jewellery avatar is Platinum. This noble metal shows us the true meaning of resilience- platinum gets stronger and brighter with wear. Le Vian’s Platinum Collection showcases precious coloured gemstones and diamonds, set in platinum. Resilience, the ability, not only to recover from difficulties but to move past them, represented through this shining silvery-white precious metal, is an incredible homage to the human spirit.

The fourth trend is Authenticity. Authenticity can mean a lot of different things but at its core it signifies being true and genuine, not just to others but, primarily, to ourselves. Le Vian’s Peacock Aquaprase Museum Collection shows us how to express our originality in the most unequivocal terms. Aquaprase is the newest gemstone to be discovered and it sums up authenticity in a beautiful way. In matrix, it is a blue-green, semi translucent gem with brown and white abstract striations. No two Aquaprase gemstones are exactly alike. Their very uniqueness is what makes them so coveted. Set in gold with diamond accents, the Peacock Aquaprase Museum Collection represents authenticity in a very special way.

Authenticity – Peacock Aquaprase Museum Collection

Pearls of Wisdom is the next trend and is certain to vibe with many jewellery lovers. This past year has made us wiser in ways we could never have imagined. But where did this wisdom come from? From reflecting and looking deep within ourselves, a very organic process that cannot be rushed and should not be faked. Just like a luminous pearl, an organic gem that takes patience and many years to form. Once harvested, nothing compares to its beauty. Le Vian’s Pearl collection comes in their Vanilla, Honey, Chocolate and Strawberry Gold versions and makes this timeless gem look both edgy and very striking.

The comes Obsession. This is an interesting trend to highlight. With the world connected 24/7 it’s easy to become obsessed with something or the other. Social media, the internet, even our work and social circles, expose us to the latest in fashion, news, food, technology and so much more. Obsession, according to Le Vian, is best expressed through Chocolate Diamonds, a rare fancy natural colour in diamonds, a jewellery collection LeVianistas have obsessed over for nearly two decades now.

The seventh trend is Statement. After a year of being home under pandemic lockdown orders, living one day to the next, jewellery lovers are ready to take on the world and make a statement- one that is bold and unapologetic! The Statement trend encompasses all jewellery aficionados, men and women alike. Be it through stacking rings or layering bracelets, by putting on diamond hoops or wearing signet rings, now is the perfect time to declare who we are and what we are all about!

Last but not least, Le Vian’s Icon of the Year is the Elephant. This magnificent symbol represents LOVE, the four tenets that have guided Le Vian Jewelry over the years-a centuries old Legend which takes their story back to the Persian Royal Court of Nadir Shah, Originality in all their designs, the Value that is encapsulated in their jewellery pieces and their Everlasting love and regard for their patrons, made concrete through their lifetime guarantees. The Elephant jewels are available as necklaces, pendants and rings and symbolize wisdom and knowledge or good fortune and luck, depending on whether the elephant’s trunk is down or pointed upwards.

Icon of the Year, The Elephant

With hindsight guiding the way forward and foresight moderating the direction, Le Vian’s jewellery trends forecast for 2022 looks to the an entire gamut of emotions and traits that define the human spirit.

Featured Image: Vanilla Pearl and Sapphire Jewellery Pieces Set in Vanilla Gold

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