The Hottest Jewellery Trends For Winter 2023

by Reema Farooqui

Luxury jewels that won’t just turn heads this winter but for years to come

Every season brings its own style staples and trends. Winter is no different. Your outfit may be determined by the weather or the fashion of the moment. But it is your jewellery that really finishes your overall look. And jewellery is essentially personal. It is a glittering, unspoken yet loud statement of who you are.

Unlike fashion jewellery, fine and luxury jewellery is always a considered purchase. It is bought for a lifestyle rather than for a look or a season. More than trendy, fine jewellery is a hallmark of your personal style. And that essentially never changes, even as winter turns to summer.

Here are five jewellery trends that are set to define the winter 2023 look but will enhance any look, for years to come.

Power Pearls

Pearls are powering on and happily, there’s no stopping them! They started last year on a strong note and have only grown in popularity. The good news is that pearl love continues into Winter 2023. The bigger the better is the way to go, but as with all pearls, lustre is what makes the real difference. White pearls are an obvious choice, but golds and blacks can also provide a compelling focal point for any outfit.

Statement Rings

Statement rings are all the rage. Something striking, cocktail rings that make you look twice are starting conversations everywhere. A statement ring does not necessarily have to be huge, but it should have an exciting energy about them. Set with a pearl, iridescent and charming, a statement ring can easily become the anchor of any style, from a studied minimalist look  to opulent maximalism.

Pearl and Diamond Wrap Ring. A white cultured pearl is wrapped inside a sleek black gold band, which is adorned with brilliant- and baguette cut diamonds (left). Shay Jewelry.

One-of-a-kind Mizuki Black Tahitian Baroque Pearl (with gorgeous overtones and a uniquely organic shape) and Diamond Ring, Prive Collection (right). Mizuki.

A White South Sea Pearl and Sapphire Ring, by Le Vian Jewelry is set with the sapphires arranged in a beautifully graduated ombré pattern of blue merging into white (left). Le Vian Jewelry


Asymmetry done well is the definition of cool. That is particularly true for earrings. Yet, finding the ‘perfect’ pair of asymmetrical earrings is not easy. Earrings that embrace asymmetry but still maintain balance and harmony, push fine jewellery into the realm of art. Such pieces don’t just represent brilliant jewellery design, they are jewellery art that continuous to garner interest for years to come.

Golden South Sea Pearl and Natural Woody-Veined Sonoran Turquoise ‘Sea and Sand’ Asymmetric Earrings by Assael, showcase a wonderful play on colours and shapes. Touching upon a mid-century design aesthetic, these one-of-a-kind earrings are the perfect example of exquisite harmony and balance in asymmetry. The Colors & The Modernist Collection (right). Assael

Jo Riis Hansen’s Freshwater Pearl and Diamond “Object No 08” Earring, with an organic, mobile-like design (left). Jo Riis Hansen

Hoop Earrings

As old as time, hoop earrings have been around for thousands of years and it is a testament to their enduring appeal that even today, hoops are a fashion-forward jewelled accessory. Available in different sizes, hoops are a bold and stylish choice. When adorned with pearls, hoops can be either charming and slightly flirtatious or entrancingly eye catching.

TASAKI’s Danger Fringe Earrings with Akoya Pearls, stay true to the Danger Collection but here the design is expressed as trendy fringe hoops (right). TASAKI

Golden South Sea Pearl and Diamond ‘Lucia’ Earrings, at Pearls of Joy, features lustrous, deep gold, round pearls resting on the inner rim of the hoop. Jewellery trends such as hoop earrings are evergreen classics (left). Pearls of Joy

Bracelets and Cuffs

Wrist adornments are going remain a favourite going into 2023. There is immense room for creativity and making your own style statement for this look. Mixing dainty bangles with chunky bracelets has never looked better. Or wearing just one exceptional cuff, conspicuous and distinctive The variations to this look are endless and so is the fun.

The Aurum Bracelet by Utopia Jewels Milano, is a contemporary twist on the 80’s love affair with chunky chains. With white South Sea Pearls and diamonds, the Aurum bracelet for perfectly versatile. Create a distinctive, personal stacking look or wear it on its own (right). Utopia Jewels Milano

Akoya Pearl and diamond bracelet from the Raindrop Collection at Yoko London. Superbly crafted in white gold, the design inspiration for this romantic bracelet are raindrops glistening in the sunlight (left). Yoko London

Timeless jewellery pieces never go out of style. The are what pull a look together, be it sunshine or rain. There is nothing better than wearing and enjoying them as gemmy emblems of your very individual sense of style, especially if they are also at one with ongoing jewellery trends.

Featured Image: The Selene Cuff by Sarah Ho Jewellery. This one-of-a-kind piece showcases natural pearls that were re-purposed  from an antique pearl necklace.In addition, this cuff is also set with repurposed opal beads and diamonds.  Combining old materials with recycled “champagne” gold, which is a subtle gold colour between yellow and white gold, as well as enamel sections, this cuff is a unique high jewellery masterpiece. Sarah Ho Jewellery

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