La Gioia di Pomellato : An Unforgettable Walk through Nature

by Reema Farooqui
Pomellato La Gioia

Pearls and High Jewellery, A Sublime Combination

Imagine taking a walk in Nature and experiencing it in all its unique beauty. Imagine imbibing its living colours and uplifting melodies. Now imagine a jewellery collection that celebrates these special sensory experiences in coloured gems and exquisite craftsmanship. Pomellato’s third high jewellery collection, La Gioia, A Walk in Nature, from Sunrise to Sunset, is a lyrical homage to a day spent in Nature.

La Gioia is an evocative jewellery collection that brilliantly encapsulates the everyday wonders of Nature and our reactions to them. From the satiny texture of a flower petal to the golds of the late afternoon light and the glorious blaze of the setting sun, the finely crafted jewellery pieces of this collection speak a language brimming with metaphor and artistry.

Making of the Summer Storm Sautoir, La Gioia di Pomellato

True to the iconic Pomellato style, the collection has a distinctive personality. Punctuated with lively pops of colour, La Gioia, from design concept and gem-setting, was entirely handcrafted at the Casa Pomellato workshops in Milan.

Vincenzo Castaldo, creative director of Pomellato observed, “We wanted La Gioia to generate emotions that blossom on the skin through organic jewelry that follows the movement of the body, adorning it in gold, colors and light. ” The collection is divided into seven chapters, each chapter representing a particular time of the day.  The jewels of this collection are as inspirational as they are exceptional. And, like all Pomellato pieces, they are easy and enjoyable to wear.

La Gioia
Summer Storm Sautoir, La Gioia di Pomellato

Particularly fascinating are the jewellery pieces in this collection that feature pearls. Is there any gem that better captures the white clouds of a summer morning giving way to dark squalls of an unexpected storm, better than luxurious white South Sea pearls and sensuous grey Tahitians? The sautoir necklace of the Summer Storm chapter features a stunning graduation of colour tones, moving from white through varying shades of grey. The hues of the lustrous pearls are carried into the scintillation of blue-grey spinels, sapphires and white diamonds. 

From the same chapter, a pair of earrings describe a sudden rain shower. These drop earrings have an irresistible harmony to them. From spherical surmounts that are pavé-set with grey spinels and sapphires suspend rows of shimmering rose-cut diamonds backed with blue spinels. These sparkling rows end with luminous, drop-shaped grey Tahitian pearls, the perfect finishing touch to represent the enchanting splendour of a unexpected summer shower.

Evening Shadows Sautoir, La Gioia di Pomellato

Another sautoir necklace, this time from the Evening Shadows chapter, brings into focus the alluring enchantment of Akoya pearls. The day turns to night and this is seen in the superbly crafted mesh of rose-gold that transitions into three rows of white, iridescent Akoya pearls. Linking the mesh to the pearls are rose-gold bars that are set with white and brown diamonds. The allusion, of day melting into night is expressed in this sautoir through pearls, diamonds and exceptionally detailed craftsmanship and goldsmithing.  

This collection takes the wearer and the onlooker on an enchanting journey through an imaginary landscape. The journey is lit up by exceptional jewels, which in turn are suffused with deeply profound meaning, both personal and shared. Pomellato is renowned for its unique approach to jewellery design and La Gioia di Pomellato is a brilliant expression of that tradition.

Featured Image: Apres Lorage Sautoir Necklace, La Gioia di Pomellato

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