The Enduring Appeal of Pomellato’s Nudo Collection

by Reema Farooqui
Nudo collection

A timeless jewellery collection that is as playful as it is iconic

My visit to Pomellato’s flagship store on Via Monte Napoleone in Milan was a marvellously bejewelled experience. The entire purpose of my visit was to get better acquainted in their Nudo rings. The question that guided me to 17 Via Monte Napoleone, was to find out why the Nudo rings continue to capture the imagination of successive generations of jewellery lovers? By the end of my visit I not only appreciated the remarkable beauty of this collection, but I understood why this iconic collection is as fresh and contemporary today as it was more than two decades ago when it first debuted.

Nudo Collection

The Nudo Collection (nudo means nude in Italian) celebrated its 20th anniversary last year and it continues to dazzle jewellery lovers with its simple yet innovative take on the solitaire. The idea was to challenge the diamond solitaire as the set-in-stone engagement ring and Nudo did that brilliantly. The solitaire here is a collet-set, coloured gemstone, hand cut as a square-ish cabochon that showcases 57 irregular facets on its surface. The facets catch and playfully reflect every ray of light that hits them creating a dazzling, shimmering spectacle. These singularly cut and very distinctive Nudo gemstones entice and beguile. As jewellery lovers, we cannot help but fall under their spell.

Nudo Blue Topaz Rings

The sheer range of choices for ring lovers, within this one collection is astounding. Unexpected gemstones in lively colours define this collection. Where else can you find smoky topaz, rose quartz, lemon quartz, blue topaz, prasiolites and obsidian holding court in a fine jewellery collection? In short, the rings are feminine and exquisitely crafted.

The fact that these rings can be stacked just adds to their appeal and gives jewellery wearers the perfect excuse to add one more ring, just one more… to their already generous Nudo rings collection.

Over the past twenty years, Pomellato has launched several different iterations of the Nudo rings. Starting with Nudo Classic, the Nudo collection has retained its contemporary look by enhancing its look with several noteworthy additions or changes, all the while staying true to its original design aesthetic. One of the more recent versions, the Nudo Gele is an offering that takes the collection in an unexpected new direction with its satiny, frosted finish coloured gemstones, realized through a brand new technique of gem cutting.

However, it was the Nudo Deep Blue rings that literally stopped me in my tracks. Deep Blue describes this capsule collection perfectly. The special feature of this collection is that one gemstone hidden under the other, but the impact it creates in terms of colour saturation and light diffusion, is monumental! Agate under sky-blue topaz, turquoise under London blue topaz and lapis lazuli under London blue topaz – the resulting shades of blues are rich, clear and mesmerizing. Looking at the deep blues of these rings, one can almost hear the surf and see the merging cobalt  blues and rich turquoise hues of the Mediterranean Sea, which is the inspiration for this capsule collection.

Pomellato won me over with their Nudo Collection. The jubilant use of colour, the avant garde jewellery design which has seen over twenty years in the jewellery world but still stays ultramodern and appealing, and the sense of happy exhilaration all come together to make this collection and these rings timeless and a cult favourite.

Featured Image: Nudo Deep Blue Capsule Collection Rings

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