Celebrating Spring with Colours and Beautiful Jewellery

by Reema Farooqui
colours of Spring

Spring jewellery at its best!

Spring is finally here… the weather is warmer, the days are longer and winter coats have been stored away for the year. This change of season naturally lends itself to a change in jewellery pieces we wear. Colours, bright and joyful, beckon and we heed the call.

Here are some jewellery pieces that are perfect for Spring.

Assael’s The Colors collection, as the name suggests, is a bold and exciting exploration of the relationship of colour, gemstones and pearls. The collection encapsulates the bright and uplifting colours of Spring through its brilliantly designed jewellery pieces. The “In Reverse” earrings are a fabulously perfect mismatch, pairing a set of stunning drop- and round-shaped silvery grey Tahitian pearls with jaw dropping overtones in green, blue, pink and peach with bi-colour tourmalines in the same hues. A playful mismatch is again seen in the bi-colour tourmaline and dark grey-green Tahitian pearl earrings (above right). The Baby Akoya pearl and bi-colour tourmaline ring (above, middle) is a stunning study in beguiling colour combinations, with its deeply-hued blue Baby Akoya pearls framed around an exquisite bi-colour tourmaline. This is a ring that will never not be trendy. In fact, Assael’s The Colors collection is just that… rich colours and timeless jewels.

Maui Divers Jewelry recently debuted their “Tiny Bubbles” collection that features white, pink and lavender freshwater pearls and white diamonds. A gorgeous floral design, a winsome selection of very lovely freshwater pearls in soft pastel hues and the sparkle of brilliant cut diamonds, makes this collection perfect for Spring. This collection reminds us to look for happy and exciting moments in the little things in life and to enjoy every moment to its fullest.

At Rafka Jewelry, the colours of spring can be seen in the scintillating colours of the gorgeously faceted gemstones and brilliant diamonds set in exceptionally crafted high jewellery pieces. Their deeply hued aquamarine and icy-diamond earrings and necklace set reminds us of the cool breezes of Spring while the soft hues in their cascading multicolour sapphire and fancy yellow diamond earrings (above middle) could be a jewelled representation of the colours of a freshly blossoming garden seen through a curtain of late April showers. Similarly, their “Twirl” earrings and necklace set with its deep blue sapphires are reminiscent of deep blue Spring flowers that suddenly bloom overnight and leave us speechless by their beauty. But that’s exactly what we have come to expect from Rafka Jewelry.

Award winning jewellery designer Ashleigh Branstetter’s one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewellery pieces encapsulate the spirit and colours of Spring through their unique designs and finely curated pearls. Ashleigh’s eponymous jewellery brand is renowned for its signature Ruffle© design which is not only enchanting but also embodies the heart warming feeling of Spring. Her Upperline Wing Ruffle© earrings and Ursulines Ruffle© pendant capture the blissful feeling of flowers coming into bud and butterflies again finding their way to gardens and backyards. Her Southern Magnolia ring with a superb grey Tahitian pearl is a charming homage to her New Orleans roots and is a lyrical piece of floral jewellery, so ideal for Spring. Ashleigh’s jewellery pieces are vibrant and delightful and easily blend with the mood of Spring (or any other season, for that matter).

Vermont based jewellery designer Judi McCormick handcrafts very artistic jewellery pieces using distinctive techniques that weave gemstones and pearls on 18k gold wire and sets diamonds or that inlay coloured gems into pearls. At Judi McCormick Jewelry’s workshop, only ethically and sustainably sourced jewellery and gem materials are used. Judi’s creations embody the colours of Spring with subtlety and elegance. Her Pearl Lace hoop earrings with lustrous, white pearls woven on a lace of yellow gold could easily become the staple look for Spring. Similarly, her Flower earrings with keshi pearl petals surrounding a larger white pearl inlaid with multicoloured sapphires, echo the very essence of the season. In contrast, her multicolour Tahitian pearl with a gem inlaid pearl clasp looks to bold and vivid colour as inspiration, something we all look forward to in our Spring gardens.

With the right jewellery pieces, why not enjoy the best of Spring while also looking your best?

  • colours of Spring
  • colours of Spring
  • colours of Spring
  • colours of Spring
  • colours of Spring

Featured Image: “Sleeping Beauty” Ring with Cabochon Rubellite Tourmaline and Diamonds, Rafka Jewelry

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