Tasaki’s 70th Anniversary Collaborations

Japanese jeweller Tasaki celebrates its 70th anniversary in style with pearl adorned sunglasses, sneakers and earphones.

by Reema Farooqui

TASAKI, the Japanese fine jewellery brand synonymous with exquisite pearls and avante-garde jewellery design, is marking its 70th anniversary through collaborations with some of Japan’s leading fashion and lifestyle brands. A dedicated website, set up especially for Tasaki’s 70th anniversary, features each of these stellar partnerships.

The collabs echo Tasaki’s unique brand ethos and showcase an exciting and thoroughly new way of adding pearl jewellery to your look.

TASAKI x Asics

Tasaki’s collaboration with Asics, Japan’s leading sporting goods company, is nothing if not exciting. The brands have collaborated on the creation of a set of limited edition sneakers, modeled after the popular Asics GT 2160 shoe.

These sneakers are adorned with white Akoya pearl jewellery charms from Tasaki’s “balance” and “danger” collections.

The jewellery charms, which are  mounted either in silver, 18k yellow gold plated silver or yellow gold, come either as fringes to be worn atop the sneaker laces, four-row strands of pearls swathing the outer side of the sneakers or as accents attached to the shoelaces.

In addition, the special Tasaki 70th Pearl Sequence sneaker is embellished with a woven mesh of Akoya pearls. This is attached to the footwear’s shoelaces and drapes across the outer side of the sneaker, like a curtain of iridescence and lustre.

TASAKI x Eyevan

This is another thrilling collaboration commemorating Tasaki’s 70th anniversary. Eyevan is  Japan’s famous fashion eyewear brand, where style goes hand in hand with precision craftsmanship.

For this collaboration, both brands have come together to create a collection of eye wear that is both contemporary and cool. The collab also takes its accents from Tasaki’s iconic “balance” and “danger” collections.

Gleaming rows of perfectly matched white Akoya pearls, from the “balance” collection provide a stark colour contrast against the darker or translucent acetate and gold-plated titanium of the eyewear frames.

Similarly, pointy, edgy thorns become a beguiling focus of interest in the “danger” sunglasses. The collection also features a “danger” glasses cord with yellow gold fangs and white Akoya pearls.

The virtual try-on feature on Tasaki’s 70th anniversary website allows you to have some fun checking out how these sleek, jewelled sunglasses look on you.

TASAKI Earphones

 Tasaki’s 70th anniversary is also being commemorated through pearl-adorned earphones created by the jewellery brand. These black wired earphones are, once again, decorated with design motifs from Tasaki’s “balance” and “danger” collections.

The earphones themselves have great specifications: single dynamic with universal fit IEM. These specs give the earphones technical compatibility with mobile audio devices all over the world.

The “balance” neo earphones feature three white, round Akoya pearls, while the “danger” earphones are decorated with the fine jewellery collection’s iconic pearl and fang (gold-plated brass).


M/G TASAKI has commemorated Tasaki’s 70th anniversary with a t-shirt crafted entirely with neatly woven, white freshwater pearls.  Jewellery artist and designer Melanie Georgacopoulos, the creative genius behind the M/G TASAKI, fashioned this pearl sculpture using almost 20,000 round, perfectly matched, white freshwater pearls, using the humble t-shirt as inspiration, and elevating it to an art piece.

The t-shirt is completely hand-woven, taking over six months of intricate and intense work to finish. The pearl knotting technique for this t-shirt was inspired by a similar technique Georgacopoulos in another M/G TASAKI piece, the “Large Necklace” almost a decade ago. “But the pearl stringing on this piece was on a much greater scale and was an incredibly complex process, which has never been done before,” notes Georgacopoulos about this remarkable pearl sculpture.

TASAKI’s 70th Anniversary

It’s not everyday that a jewellery brand celebrates its 70th anniversary, and Tasaki has done it with verve, by partnering with top-tier fashion and lifestyle brands and creating cool and edgy accessories with a pearl focus.

What’s more, with these four collaborations the innovative jewellery brand has once again pushed the envelope on what constitutes a jewelled adornment and taken an important step in blurring the edges between fashion, lifestyle and fine jewellery.

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