The Ultimate Pearl Jewellery Holiday Gift Guide 2021

by Reema Farooqui
Holiday Gift

Finding the just right holiday gift can sometimes seem very daunting. This is especially true when it is for a loved one. Striking a balance between something that is beautiful and memorable but also a perfect fit for the gift receiver can, at times, be quite overwhelming. However, if you think about it, pearl jewellery is where the answer lies!

Pearl jewellery pieces make for very meaningful and special holiday gifts. First, because a gift of jewellery is always special, for the gift receiver and for the gift giver. Second, pearls are a very special gem. One of the three organic-origin gems currently known to us (the other two being coral and amber), pearls symbolize wisdom, serenity and loyalty, three very profound concepts. Third, pearl jewellery comes in a range of colours, sizes and styles. From classic to very modern pieces, pearl jewellery offers variety and glamour.

What’s more, pearl jewellery is no longer solely associated with women. Men are wearing pearls too and looking quite dashing in them!

Here are some stellar pearl jewellery finds that will make memorable, luxurious and very thoughtful tokens of love and appreciation.

Pearl Necklaces

It’s impossible to go wrong with a pearl necklace. This is a timeless piece of jewellery with plenty of choices.

Multicolour Tahitian pearl necklace strands from CMW Pearl

Pearl necklaces by Jewellery Designer Margaret Woods at Simply Adorned 4 U (You many like to read my interview with Margaret Woods here)

Pearl Pendants

Pendants are another great holiday gift idea. They are a charming piece of jewellery, imbued with personality. The best part about pendants as a holiday gift is that literally one size fits all!

Snowflake Pendant (left) and Dancing Butterflies Pendant (right) by Kyllonen Luxury Jewelry

Golden and White South Sea Pearl Pendants by Aquarian Pearls

Pearl Earrings

Earrings are an all out winner as far as holiday gifts are concerned. There are so many styles and looks to choose from, it is impossible not to find the perfect pair of pearl earrings for a loved one.

Golden and white South Sea pearl earrings as well as Tahitian Pearl earrings by Pearl Paradise

Drop Pearl Earrings by Simply Adorned 4 U

Freshwater Pearl Ear Studs by Eusharon Jewellery

Pearl Brooches

Pearl brooches are such a statement piece of jewellery. They say that #thebroochisback, but in reality, it was always there. Pearl brooches are sophisticated and sometimes whimsical but full of such lovely personality. As a holiday gift, pearl brooches are sure to be treasured.

Midori Brooch with Tahitian Pearl by K. Mita Designs Fine Jewelry ; Ribbon Brooch with white Akoya Pearls by LENA International Aoyama (You can find out more about jewellery designer Hiroko Uchida at LENA International in my conversation with her)

Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets make great holiday gifts. There are many choices here as well. A classic all-pearl bracelet always looks good but pearls set with gold are also an elegant option. Plus, stacking bracelets is such a chic look!

Tahitian Pearl bracelet strands from CMW Pearls (You may also be interested in finding out more about CMW Pearls’ Tahitian Pearl Auctions)

Pearl Wrap bracelet with South Sea pearls by Linneys Jewellery ; Aurelia Bracelet with a Bee motif by Autore Moda

Pearl jewellery as a holiday gift is a fabulous idea. Pearls have an elegance and grace to them that few other gems have. In addition, there are different types of pearls to choose from, which makes a gift of pearls the ideal choice for any budget.

Featured Image: Holly Earrings by Autore Moda

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