New Collection from TASAKI Atelier High Jewellery

by Reema Farooqui

TASAKI unveiled its exclusive high jewellery collection from the TASAKI Atelier collection at Creative Director Prabal Gurung’s (@parabalgurung) Fall 2020 show during New York Fashion Week.

Held on February 11th, Gurung’s Fall show featured his fashion collection under the theme, “IMPOSSIBLE DREAMERS.” Paired with his beautifully tailored ready-to-wear collection, were exclusive TASAKI Atelier’s high-end pearl earrings, designed by Gurung.

My Thoughts About the New TASAKI Atelier Collection

Crafted with the finest pearls, diamonds and beautiful coloured gemstones, the earrings made a bold and energetic statement. To my eyes, the pieces looked dramatic and very enchanting.

Many of the earrings were very ornately structured which made them really stand out. For me, the beauty of these earrings was in large part due to their glamourous designs. However, it was the pearls that really dazzled.

Perfectly round white lustrous pearls were everywhere. From adorning ear cuffs to dangling in graduated lines, the pearls were exquisite and used to perfect effect. But then what are you to expect from TASAKI and Gurung?

Coloured gemstones were also used in many pieces. In my opinion, they added flair and a certain something sensational to the earrings. Exquisitely cut amethysts, icy aquamarines and other coloured gemstones were a great focal point for some pieces. Set off against white pearls, the gemstones also added just the right pop of colour.

I felt that in this collection, diamonds had a supporting role. While they did sparkle on the ears, they were there to enhance the beauty of the pearls and other gemstones rather than steal the limelight themselves.


Gurung’s idea behind the whole collection was to highlight the spirit of the wearer. This he was able to do quite successfully with his bold and eclectic designs and the superb use of white pearls, coloured gemstones and diamonds.

What do you think of the new TASAKI Atelier high jewelry collection?

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