My Favourite Instagram Profile for February 2020

by Reema Farooqui

Yes, it is that time, when I nominate my favourite Instagram profile for the month. Since Instagram is a visual social media platform, my decisions are mainly based on the images and captions that go with them. Aesthetically pleasing and varied photographs focusing on jewelry really make for a riveting Instagram profile.

Instagram Profile for February

For the month of February, my favourite Instagram profile is @samira13jewelry. Samira 13 Jewelry are based in Los Angeles, California and designer Samira Sizdahkhani crafts elegant and stylish fine jewelry pieces that speak to a very high level of craftsmanship. Their Instagram profile in February showcased beautiful jewelry, and every image was distinct and very eye catching. The captions for each post were short, topical and made you want to comment.

Here are some of my favourite posts:

Beautiful snake earrings with dark, round Tahitian pearls, wrapped around with diamind encrusted snakes. What better way to ward off evil vibes!

Lovely pearl earrings in different shades of pink. A great visual for Valentine’s week!

Beautiful Tahitian pearl and diamond earrings that can truly be show stealers!

While I liked nearly all the posts they shared in February, the posts above really stood out for me. The overall feel of their profile is fun and full of joy and that is all you really need!

What was your favourite Instagram post for February? Share in the comments below 🙂

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