Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Bejewelled Style

by Reema Farooqui
Lunar New Year

Usher in Good Luck and Prosperity with these Jewelled Treasures

The Lunar (or Chinese) New Year is right around the corner. In traditional Chinese culture, this day not only marks the beginning of a new year, it is also the start of the Spring Festival. The bitterest days of winter are over and the much awaited arrival of bright spring, heralding new beginnings and fresh starts, is undoubtedly a cause for celebration.

The Colour Red

The Lunar New Year festival is highlighted by the colour red. Powerful red banishes bad luck and keeps away everything evil. Bright gold is yet another colour that sets the tone for the Lunar New Year. Prosperity and good luck follow auspicious gold everywhere. Therefore it makes sense to wear jewellery that brings these two colours in one’s life.

On the face of it, red and gold is a striking colour pairing especially where jewellery is concerned. In fact, the appeal and versatility of this colour combination makes it a popular choice all year round. Honestly, red and gold together, never ever seem out of place.

Here are some red and gold jewellery pieces that would be perfect for the Lunar New Year.

Sardinian Coral Bubble Ring by Sean Gilson for Assael

Assael’s Sardinian Coral Bubble ring, mounted in 18K yellow gold, is a beautiful red and gold piece of jewellery. Ethically sourced gem quality Sardinian coral “bubbles” float over a band of polished yellow gold. Richly hued yellow gold contrasts perfectly with deeply saturated red coral and together they unequivocally embody the colours of the Chinese New Year. Moreover, this ring has a timeless quality to it, a piece of jewellery that will always stay in style. Bubble Coral Ring By Sean Gilson for Assael, price upon request.

Pearls, in traditional Chinese culture are believed to carry the essence of the moon within them. With that in mind, you know you can never go wrong with rubies, gold and pearls where Lunar New Year jewellery is concerned. The Lavalier Necklace and Earrings by Paspaley showcase iridescent Paspaley white South sea pearls, with the buttons resting in the woven yellow gold ‘baskets’ and the keshis suspended below them. Enveloping these pearls are deep red rubies, softly pink sapphires and brilliant diamonds, set on the weave of the gold baskets. The voluptuous beauty of these jewellery pieces is underscored by the integral presence of red and gold. These two colours shine with a soft vibrance against the satiny lustre of the pearls making these pieces alive with sophisticated dynamism . Paspaley Lavalier Necklace ($ 15,160 AUD) and Lavalier Ruby Earrings in Yellow Gold ($ 13, 160 AUD).

Bulgari Diva’s Dream Bangle Bracelet

Bulgari’s Diva’s Dream jewellery collection also has some exceptional pieces to offer, as far a Lunar New Year jewellery goes. Their red carnelian and white Mother-of-Pearl bangle bracelet is one such piece. Elegant and refined, the 18k rose gold bangle’s fan shaped motifs, highlighted in red and white gem inlays, surely make this bangle a favourite not just during the new year celebrations but long after that. Bulgari Diva’s Dream Bracelet, € 4,700.

Deep red garnet is another gemstone that captures the essence of red colour for Lunar New Year jewels. In the Refined Rebellion collection by Tasaki, the vivid red of the reverse-set garnets and the polished brightness of yellow gold is tempered by the lustre of gleaming white Akoya pearls. Striking and edgy, these garnet, pearl and gold earrings are a great choice for the new year celebrations. Tasaki Refined Rebellion Signature Earrings and Refined Rebellion Plus Earrings, price upon request.

2022-The Year of the Tiger

According to the Chinese Zodiac calendar, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. There are many outstanding jewellery pieces commemorating this particular Chinese Zodiac sign. Again, like red and gold colour pairing, the tiger motif is beautifully ubiquitous and can easily transition into jewellery for non-festive days and still look totally on point.

For the Year of the Tiger, pendants with the tiger motif not only stand out but add an extra dimension of charm and interest to any look.

Fabergé’s Year of the Tiger Surprise Locket is one such piece. From their Heritage Collection, this Fabergé pendant comprises of a red guilloché enamel and yellow gold egg which opens to reveal an 18k gold tiger figurine with diamond eyes. This is a very special jewel for a joyous time of the year. Fabergé Heritage Collection Year of the Tiger Surprise Locket $15,215 CAD

Another, slightly different but equally endearing pendant is the 999.9 Gold Tiger pendant for the Year of the Tiger by Chow Sang Sang jewellery. With an openwork tiger motif, inspired by traditional Chinese paper cut designs, this 24k yellow gold pendant very sincerely and authentically represents the tiger motif from traditional Chinese astrology. A blend of polished and brushed gold, this artistic pendant is undoubtedly a conversation starter. Chow Sang Sang Jewellery’s Gold Tiger Pendant, $245 USD.

Nevertheless, for those jewellery lovers who want wear something special for the new year festivities without making the symbolic association quite so obvious, Maison Birks’ Dare to Dream pendant is the perfect choice. This red carnelian and diamond pendant is a special edition Lunar New Year jewel. Lit up by Birks’ very fine openwork gold mesh motif, this pendant is both elegant and stylish. However, what is particularly special about it is the hidden engraving of a tiger on its reverse side. Like a secret between the jewellery piece and the wearer, the tiger and the diamond set beside it, make this pendant quite lovely and unique. Maison Birks Dare to Dream Year of the Tiger Pendant, $2,888 CAD.

Lunar New Year Watches

Even lovers of horlogerie can look forward to wearing some outstanding watches this coming year.

Harry Winston’s Premier Chinese New Year watch has been especially crafted to honour arrival of the Year of the Tiger. And, simply put, it is adorable. Featuring two tiger cubs and rose gold and diamond rosettes on the dial, this limited edition wristwatch conveys good fortune and joy in so many wonderful ways. Harry Winston Premier Chinese New Year Time Piece, price upon request.

Le Vian Time Women’s Watch

According to Chinese Zodiac astrology, people born in the Year of the Tiger are courageous, confident and very charming. Nothing captures these traits better than Le Vian’s gorgeous Tiger women’s watch. Featuring a tiger motif on its dial, crafted with Vanilla Diamonds®, Blackberry Diamonds®, and Sunny Yellow Sapphires™, the intricate details representing the face and markings of a tiger are extraordinarily compelling. As a time piece to welcome the new year, this watch makes a bold statement. Le Vian Time Collection Women’s Watch, $8,999.99 USD (available at Kay Jewelers).

With so many exceptional jewellery and watch choices, it won’t be difficult finding the “just right” piece to wear as you welcome the New Year! Wishing you boundless happiness and prosperity!

Featured Image: Tasaki Refined Rebellion Signature Earrings

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