Ushering in a New Chapter of Sunny Positivity

by Reema Farooqui

Le Vian Jewelry’s Sunny Yellow Diamonds™ are poised to bring optimism and joy to the jewellery world

After the year that was 2020, jewellery lovers everywhere have been eagerly waiting for signs of good times ahead. With the debut of the Sunny Yellow Diamonds™ Couture Jewellery Collection by Le Vian Jewelry, it is safe to say that their patience has been amply rewarded

Le Vian Jewelry is one of the most well known, family-owned jewelry brands in the US, Canada, Caribbean and the UK. Their jewellery journey goes back several hundred years and can be traced to the royal court of Nadir Shah of Persia. Today, the jewellery house is renowned for its innovative use of unique gemstones and vibrant colours in its high and fine jewellery collections. The favourite jewellery brand of many high profile members of Hollywood royalty, Le Vian Jewelry represents exquisite craftsmanship and is dedicated to bringing unsurpassed beauty to the jewellery world.

Solitaire Ring, Sunny Yellow Diamonds™ Jewellery Collection

This year, the jewellery trends Le Vian is exploring are based on how the world coped with and is now, slowly but surely, emerging from a global pandemic. Their Sunny Yellow Diamonds™ couture collection represents the trend ‘Positivity.’ Designed around the warm and invigorating hues of natural yellow diamonds, the caption for this collection is “Sunny Days Ahead,” and it more than lives up to it.

This collection brings together the savior faire of Le Vian Jewelry with the elusive and highly sought after certified natural fancy light yellow and fancy yellow diamonds, to create jewellery pieces that are at once timeless and contemporary. A beacon of hope and strong optimism, this couture jewellery collection celebrates life and light in the most sparkling way possible.

Drop Earrings, Sunny Yellow Diamonds™ Jewellery Collection

Each piece has been handcrafted by Le Vian’s very skilled high jewellery artisans and many of the pieces have been mounted in platinum. This choice of precious metal obliquely touches upon another trend, Resilience, something we all seem to have found within ourselves this past year and a half.

The unmistakable poetry of the the Sunny Yellow Diamonds™ collection cannot be ignored. Like bright rays of sunlight breaking through slatey storm clouds, the unabashed sunshine of the natural yellow diamonds is so uplifting. Elegance and verve punctuates these pieces and sets them apart from other diamond-focused jewellery collections.

Diamond Rings with Gently Scalloped Edges, Sunny Yellow Diamonds™ Jewellery Collection

The heart of the Sunny Yellow Diamonds™ collection are the diamonds of course, buttery yellow and alive with scintillation. Selected with care and cut with precision, these fancy yellow diamonds have a very distinctive look which allows their brilliance to shine through in a spectacular way.

The soul of this collection, however, is the message and symbolism behind it. Whereas the yellow diamonds represent heartfelt hope and exuberant joy, the silvery grey platinum is a reminder that we are resilient, that in moments of distress, we can, and do, find our inner strength and carry on. But there’s more. Combining the two colours speaks to light and depth, to fortitude supported by happy aspirations and to the coming of Spring after a long and arduous Winter.

If ever a jewellery collection had its finger on the pulse of jewellery lovers, this is it! Sunny days ahead, and we love it!

 Featured Image: Selection of Rings, Sunny Yellow Diamonds™ Jewellery Collection

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