Pearls and Italian Craftsmanship at JCK Luxury

by Reema Farooqui

Jewels by Alessandra Donà, Pearl Jewellery with Attitude

Jewellery designer Alessandra Donà is all about creating pearl jewellery pieces that are bold, edgy and elegant. Drawing inspiration from her native Veneto region, hints of Andrea Palladio’s architecture but also visions of the future can be found in Alessandra’s jewellery. Jewels by Alessandra Donà is brightening the world of fine jewellery.

Alessandra started her journey as a jewellery designer when she collaborated with several renowned International jewellery Maisons. After travelling extensively in Europe and Asia, where she immersed herself in the world of pearls, Alessandra came back to Vicenza and started her eponymous jewellery brand. Jewels by Alessandra Donà espouses timeless charm and a sophisticated, modern aesthetic. For Alessandra, as for her brand, it is imperative that each and every one of her jewellery pieces represents the best traditions of Italian craftsmanship seen through a lens of Venetian sensibility.

It is fascinating the way Alessandra highlights beautiful, lustrous pearls in her jewellery pieces. Unique designs, showcasing both very geometric as well as very organic silhouettes, but most especially top quality pearls, the pieces by this fine jewellery brand are simply remarkable. Each piece is modern and avante garde. With colour palettes that are appealing and fresh, its easy to see Jewels by Alessandra Donà as a spectacular marriage of stylish design and Italian craftsmanship.

Black South Sea Pearl and Labradorite Mono Earrings, Friday Night

This year, Jewels by Alessandra Donà, along with several other fine jewellery brands under The Gioielli Group umbrella, exhibited at the JCK Luxury in Las Vegas. In my conversation with Emma Cornfield, Sales Executive at the Gioielli Group LLC, I we talked about what made Jewels by Alessandra Donà stand apart in the world of fine jewellery and what jewellery lovers can expect to find at their booth at JCK Luxury in Las Vegas.

What, in your opinion, makes Jewels by Alessandra Donà so special?

Alessandra Donà’s precious jewels take pearl jewelry up a level and changes the attitude of the classic pearl. From timeless silhouettes to funky pearls, there is a piece designed for every woman.  

One of your Instagram posts said, “Each piece of jewellery has only one ideal pearl to complete it.” Why is this so important?

Every pearl is hand selected by our team to ensure its perfection and beauty. Alessandra Donà’s wide array of collections feature the best South Sea, baby Akoya, and Keshi pearls the ocean has to offer.

How long has Jewels by Alessandra Donà been exhibiting at JCK Luxury in Las Vegas show?

Alessandra Donà introduced her collections to the United States at JCK Luxury 2019.  She personally attended the show! Unfortunately, due to the travel restrictions from the global pandemic, she was unable to attend JCK Luxury 2021.  

Tahitian Pearl and Tsavorite Earrings, Timeless Collection

Over the years what has been your biggest takeaway from participating at jewellery shows?

The energy and excitement from retailers seeing Alessandra Donà pieces for the first time is incredible!

What’s new at Jewels by Alessandra Donà and what can jewellery lovers look forward to seeing at your exhibit this year?

Alessandra Donà is launching her newest collection “Secret Date” that features bold beautiful gemstones of Lemon Quartz, as well as green and purple amethyst that pair perfectly with White, Black, and Yellow South Sea Pearls .These are show stopping pieces that are perfect for layering or wearing by itself.   

Also, Alessandra Donà’s “Around Midnight” and “Timeless” Collections feature her proprietary Cliclò system.  You can interchange the pearls or the semiprecious beads with a simple click! 

Pairing lustrous, gem quality pearls with semi-precious gemstones and diamonds, at their very core, Alessandra Donà’s fine jewellery pieces are luxurious as well as refined and bring with them a touch of Italian élan and flair.

You can follow Jewels by Alessandra Donà on Instagram at @alessandra.dona

Featured Image: White South Sea Pearl and Gold Ring, Around Midnight Collection

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