by Reema Farooqui

The M Collection by Mikimoto

What I love about Mikimoto is their embrace of so many different jewellery design statements-from high jewellery opulence to minimalist chic. Yet everything seems to tie back to the hundred plus years of history of this brand.

Cultured White South Sea Cultured Pearl and Diamond Ring, Mikimoto M Collection

The Mikimoto M Collection, an evolving collection, is one such offering by Mikimoto. Striking and very stylish, featuring Akoya pearls as well as golden and white South Sea pearls and diamonds, this collection finds its design inspiration in the alphabet M. The choice of the alphabet, no surprises there, makes for interesting design permutations. Overlapping Ms, intertwining Ms and Ms upside down, stylized and artistic, each iteration is elegant and oh, so sleek.

Just last week, however, Mikimoto launched its latest M collection pieces and they are a clear break from the collection’s designs so far. And that is where the fun begins. There are no curves here, these pieces clearly and unequivocally say M, the Roman numeral for 1000 and more specifically Mikimoto’s initial. Structural, linear and very cool, the Ms stand shoulder to shoulder, as it were, making a unique square frame for lustrous, white Akoya pearls. Their craftsmanship is lovely, characterized by clean lines and clear edges, but then they are Mikimoto pieces!

Akoya Cultured Pearl and 18K White Gold Earrings, Mikimoto M Collection

The most unusual piece among the new additions is the black rhodium plated silver M pendant. This may very well be the first time Mikimoto has crafted a black rhodium plated piece of jewellery, which speaks volumes for the changing tastes of its clients and markets.  

Currently consisting of pendants and ear studs, the new additions to Mikimoto’s M Collection, to my eyes, are very much everyday wear. Nevertheless, being Mikimoto, these pieces are stylish and trendy and hold the promise of Mikimoto’s exquisite pearls and divine craftsmanship.

What do you think of Mikimoto’s M Collection and especially the new pieces recently added? Please share in the comments below 🙂

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Featured Image: Akoya Cultured Pearl and 18K Yellow Gold Earrings, Mikimoto M Collection

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