Wings of Light and Grace

by Reema Farooqui

Mikimoto’s Feather Collection

Recently Mikimoto added another collection to their High Jewellery repertoire. Called the Feather Collection, it is on one word, absolutely exquisite.

This is not the first time Mikimoto has crafted jewellery based on the feather motif, but this is its first collection entirely dedicated to it.

Feathers have been a part of our adornment for many, many years and feather jewellery is rife with symbolism. Associated with freedom, truth, hope as well as faith, it’s jewellery that beckons us to something pure and even spiritual.

Mikimoto’s Feather Collection embodies all these characteristics in the form of fluid design and breathtaking gemstones. Currently it comprises of five high jewellery pieces, four of which are brooches and one a ring. Each piece depicts the feather motif, albeit in different and unique ways. There is a softness to this collection, a subtle sense of romance and enchantment.

The feathers crafted from 18K gold, curl and unfurl, some adorned with bright and vibrant gemstones while others pristine in an all white colour palette. Nevertheless, each feather is different and beautiful in its own way.

The two pieces from this collection featuring pearls are simply stunning.

Conch Pearl, Diamond and White Gold Brooch

The first is a circular brooch centred around a lively pink, almost heart-shaped Conch pearl. It comprises of three feathers crafted out of 18K white gold and diamonds, each adorned with a perfectly oval pink conch pearl, forming a circle of light, sparkle and lacy airiness.  

Cultured Akoya Pearl, South Sea Pearl, Diamond and White Gold Brooch

The other piece showcasing pearls is also a brooch, but this time a singe feather, with Akoya pearls alternating with pavé set diamonds forming feather-barbs of exquisite beauty. A single, perfectly round white South Sea pearl completes the brooch, lending it a point of focus and wonder.

Opal, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Garnet, Diamond, White Gold and Yellow Gold Brooch

However, it would be remiss of me not to mention the remaining three pieces of the collection which include two brooches and one ring. The two brooches are set with spellbinding gemstones and resplendent with colour, one in more warmer tones of golds and deep, verdant greens while the other in more cooler tones of purples and minty-lime greens. The last piece is a breathtaking solitaire ring, comprised entirely of white gold and diamonds and is marvel of jewellery design. A feather of diamonds and gold, folds and curves on itself and tenderly holds a single, round brilliant cut solitaire diamond. Truly a ring like no other!

Diamond and White Gold Ring

Mikimoto’s Feather Collection, the latest in their line of high jewellery is just what we have come to expect from Mikimoto. It is beautifully designed and crafted and transports us, through gems and symbolism to somewhere quite incredible. If you haven’t checked it out as yet, I urge you to do so!

Featured Image: Jadeite, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Tanzanite, Garnet, Peridot, Diamond and White Gold Brooch, Feather Collection, Mikimoto

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