The New ID of Pearls

by Reema Farooqui

W. Rosado’s Pearl ID collection is just what pearl jewellery needed right now!

About a week ago, I woke up to the happy circumstance of having my Instagram feed flooded with glamourous images of the W. Rosado’s Pearl ID Collection. There was a feeling of celebration to the entire social media blitz, as if a much anticipated event had finally taken place. And with good reason! Each and every jewellery piece posted on Instagram was exquisite to say the least and just so unique. To be honest, I was caught up in the excitement too! Searching for images and stories about this collection, I chanced upon design after brilliant design of this ultra elegant and completely customizable pearl jewellery collection.

W. Rosado 18K Rose Gold Pearl ID Bracelet

Wilfredo Rosado is a high jewellery designer who has worked with Andy Warhol and Giorgio Armani in the past. In 2011, he launched his first high jewellery collection during New York Fashion week, to stellar reviews. While Rosado is a favourite jewellery designer of many high profile celebrities, he himself has maintained a low profile over the years. However, with the launch of his Pearl ID collection as a Trunk Show on Moda Operandi, I believe this relative anonymity is now a thing of the past. It has taken me about a week to fully process and appreciate the genius of design and craftsmanship underpinning this Collection. So, if Moda Operandi’s website is getting a thousand plus views from Canada everyday- that’s me! 

W. Rosado 18K White Gold Pearl ID Letter Necklace

W. Rosado’s Pearl ID collection, his first foray into the world of fine jewellery, is elegant, superbly crafted and just so much fun! There is a sense of effervescent joy about the whole collection- a classic piece of jewellery has, very successfully, been give a new and updated look and with just a touch of playfulness, has been changed forever.

Composed entirely of lustrous, perfectly round, white Australian South Sea Pearls inlaid with 18K gold or white or black diamonds, the subtle colour palette of this collection allows the jewels, designs and craftsmanship to really shine. The pearls have been hand carved and inlaid with an alphabet or a symbol, by very skilled craftsmen in Germany and then Master Goldsmiths in Italy have handcrafted them into stunning pieces of jewellery.

W. Rosado 18K Yellow Gold Pearl ID Letter Charm

This collection has taken a simple concept, personalisation, and transformed it into statement jewellery. Personalisation in jewellery makes a piece truly yours and says so much about who you are, what you love and what you want to say to the world. However, to have the option of personalising fine jewellery is absolutely unprecedented! This is essentially what Pearl ID has done. The choices are limitless and so is the feeling of happy anticipation about where this personalisation may take you! When I saw the entire collection in one place, at Moda Operandi, I was thrilled by its breadth-rings, necklaces, bracelets, lapel pins and even pretty, dangling charms! And wasn’t it serendipitous that the very first piece I saw from the collection, was an “R” charm, in yellow gold and diamonds?


W. Rosado 18K White Gold Pearl ID Amore Necklace

Starting from the Amore Necklace, with sparkling diamond alphabets spelling “love” in Italian, all the way to the pearl earring adorned with a pavé diamond heart, each piece is cleverly designed to stay true to the concept of personalisation but still be so much more. You can have a personalized message made bespoke, for each piece in the collection, based on your own preferences! Can you imagine the fun you can have wearing a bespoke W. Rosado pearl lapel pin with a five letter word of your liking, spelt in black diamonds? Or wearing personalised, mismatching earring with a star on one ear and a diamond alphabet in the other? Like I said, endless possibilities and for some, a chance to be cheeky while wearing fine jewellery!

W. Rosado 18K White Gold Pearl ID Letter Ring with Hot Pink Nanoceramic

While the overall collection is extraordinary, it is the little details that have me transfixed. For instance, the white gold and pink nanoceramic ring is exceptional-the background of hot pink nanoceramic lights up the ring, such that the diamond alphabet almost seems to glow. Similarly, the diamond and gold inlay is so beautifully set in the pearls, it looks seamless, like it was always a part of the pearls…absolute perfection! However, what I found most enchanting was the option to express yourself by not saying anything in alphabets or symbols but rather, saying it with a 0.94 ct. white diamond- definite self expression, albeit of a different sort. Sheer brilliance and something for everyone!

W. Rosado 18K Rose Gold Pearl ID Diamond Drop Earrings

W. Rosado’s Trunk Show at Moda Operandi for the Pearl ID collection will end by the middle of September and all orders will start shipping out by November 1, 2020. This time lag between the placement of orders and delivery speaks to the bespoke and hand crafted nature of this collection. Fine jewellery of such high quality and craftsmanship cannot be hurried.

This collection is the most fabulous embodiment of “Me” jewellery- it is self indulgent but in the best possible way. It celebrates your uniqueness and gives you a jewelled platform to express it in a most sparkling and shimmering style. So, if you haven’t checked out W. Rosado’s Pearl ID Collection, I would certainly urge you to do so! It is elegant, fabulously designed and crafted and just so much fun!   

Featured Image: W. Rosado I8K Rose Gold Pearl ID Love Necklace

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