Out of This World — Platinum Born’s Stellar “Debut” Collection  

Minimalist and elegant, Platinum Born’s Debut Collection is every pearl lovers delight!

by Reema Farooqui

Pearls and Platinum are a rare but infinitely alluring gem material pairing. The shimmer of polished platinum is the perfect foil for the lustre of pearls . Therefore it is no surprise that the Debut fine jewellery collection by Platinum Born, showcasing pearls and platinum, has set the jewellery world abuzz. The ultimate luxe look for jewellery lovers everywhere, this collection is a glittering meeting point of style and elegance.

Platinum Jewellery

Shimmering and ethereal, the origin story of platinum is both intriguing and romantic. Billions of years ago, a meteor shower that lasted over 200 million years, brought with it, tiny deposits of platinum. Literally from the stars, this precious metal remained undiscovered until the 1590s when Spanish explorers stumbled upon it in South America and very aptly named it Platina or little silver, given its silvery-white appearance.

For a long time afterwards, platinum was used exclusively by royalty. It was not until the late Victorian period that platinum entered mainstream fine jewellery, with legacy jewellery Maisons creating entire collections from this unique metal.  

Today, platinum is valued for its silvery-white colour, rarity and satiny shimmer. The high purity of this precious metal ensures that it does not tarnish or change colour. As an added bonus, it is naturally hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for jewellery wearers with sensitive skin.

Platinum Born

Platinum Born is the fine jewellery arm of Platinum Guild International (PGI). PGI was established in 1975 and is the global authority on platinum in the fine jewellery industry. Headquartered in New York City, it also has offices in Japan, China, and India.

Five years ago, PGI established Platinum Born with a view to bringing platinum to the forefront of wearable fine jewellery. “Platinum Born’s collections consist of jewellery staples like necklaces, earrings, hoops, rings and bracelets. They are made for everyday wear,” says Rebecca Moskal, Vice President Marketing for Platinum Born.

“Historically, platinum has either been bridal or it has been high jewellery. There was nothing in the fine jewellery range, especially for women self purchasers looking for platinum jewellery in affordable luxury,” Moskal explains.

As a fine jewellery brand, Platinum Born sources all its platinum from South Africa. However, its jewellery pieces are designed and meticulously crafted at the brand’s jewellery workshop in Japan, using techniques that marry traditional jewellery making skills with cutting edge innovation.

With the meticulous attention to detail that goes into making the brand’s jewellery pieces, it may take up to eight weeks for a single piece to be completed. Once finished, the pieces arrive in New York, where they become available for sale at select retailers. However, earlier this month, with its launch in London, for the first time Platinum Born started retailing outside USA.  

“Debut” Collection by Platinum Born

It is not often that we talk of pearls and platinum in the same breath. Outside of antique, vintage and high jewellery pieces, this pairing is not seen very often. However, Platinum Born’s Debut collection has changed all that.

Debut pairs lustrous freshwater pearls and platinum in a groundbreaking collection of delicate and elegant pieces. “Because the collection is crafted in Japan, pearls seemed like a natural and beautiful component,” Moskal elaborates. Before the launch of Debut, Platinum Born had crafted all its fine jewellery pieces solely with platinum. Debut is the brand’s first collection where platinum is paired with a precious gem.

Tiny, white, lustrous freshwater pearls are set beside brilliantly sparkling, faceted platinum beads. What’s more, the minimalist sleekness of these pieces offers wearers various options to personalize their look. For instance, the Debut Loop bracelet can be worn on its own or stacked with a couple of Debut bracelets to create the perfect wrist-mess.

Similarly, the Debut Crescent necklace can be worn as is or layered with the Debut pearl necklace to create a show-stopping look. For jewellery wearers who gravitate towards hoop earrings, the collection offers not one but two delightful hoop style earrings. Both the Debut hoops and the Debut drop hoops, each set with iridescent white pearls with platinum bead spacers, are quintessential hoops but with oodles of personality.

Innovation and Fine Platinum Jewellery

Modern and refined, Platinum Born embodies the spirit of contemporary jewellery in form and function, through the stylish designs and exceptional craftsmanship of its pieces.

Take, for instance, the Helios necklace from the brand’s Modern collection. This necklace is a flexible and sparkling piece of fine jewellery that promises alluring versatility. Skilfully faceted platinum beads, that remind you of the stars, hide tiny magnets within them, allowing the necklace to take on multiple shapes. Wear it as a lariat, as a layered bracelet or as a choker, the options are as endless as they are fascinating.

Similarly, the brand’s Limitless seven-row cuff from its Limitless collection is made entirely from faceted platinum beads but is light and exceptionally wearable. Platinum, as a metal is denser and heavier than gold. Therefore to create show-stopping jewellery pieces that are made entirely from platinum but do not have the associated weight, makes Platinum Born’s fine jewellery all the more attractive.

Sustainability and Platinum Jewellery

As a precious metal, platinum offers enduring quality. It retains its lustrous sheen despite normal wear. Today there is an increasing awareness of fast fashion and its negative impact on the environment. Platinum offers a valuable and sustainable alternative to this trend, in the world of affordable fine jewellery. “You can buy a pair of $60 hoops that may last you a season, or you can pay a little more and buy Platinum Born’s Limitless Hoops, that will last you a generation, because of the longevity and enduring nature of this metal,” comments Moskal.

Platinum Born – Contemporary Chic Realized in Platinum

Move aside gold and make room for shimmering and ethereal platinum, the metal that came from the stars. And with Platinum Born’s Debut fine jewellery collection, pearl lovers all over the world can have the best of both worlds –superbly crafted fine jewellery that embodies everyday luxury and promises value, style and longevity.

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