Pinterest and Instagram Predict a Dazzling, Bejewelled 2022

by Reema Farooqui
Pinterest and Instagram

Get ready for rocking pearls, next-level bling, and unabashed maximalism

As the new year approaches, there is a palpable sense of anticipation everywhere. Fingers crossed, 2022 will be so much better than 2021, is a mantra we all seem to be chanting in our hearts. Where jewellery is concerned, according to Pinterest and Instagram, this may very well be true.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Pinterest Predicts 2022

Many people turn to Pinterest to plan their fashion and jewellery looks. Hence, when Pinterest comes out with its trend report, the trends are based on solid ideas and future plans of its users. The Pinterest Predicts 2022 report is organized into several different categories. Some of these categories speak directly to jewellery.

Pearl Core

This trend, not surprisingly, is of the greatest interest to me. Pearls will rule in 2022. They will be seen in jewellery, in couture and fashion, in home décor and even in nail art. Trending search terms on Pinterest, for this category, include pearl necklaces for men and pearl ring simple. In addition, while pearls will be trending all over the world, there will be an especial focus on this gem in Australia. Since Australia is a producer of South Sea pearls, this trend focus is easy to understand. Trending terms in Australia include pearl necklace outfit for men, pearl choker and pearl bracelet. From this trend, it is apparent that pearls will continue to see an increase in their popularity in 2022, but also that pearls for men are not going away any time soon.

Hellenistic Revival

The name says it all! Ancient Greece is set to become a major inspiration for style and fashion. This will also extend to jewellery. Of the trending search terms on Pinterest, Ancient Greek Jewelry saw a 120% increase this past year. Greek revival jewellery, Greca pavé motif, figural jewellery and serpents are set to become some trends that will see immense popularity in 2022.  

Be Jeweled

This trend predicts that Gen Z buyers will take bling to new heights. ‘Basic’ will be a thing of the past. Ear curation, quirky jewels and creative accessorizing while staying sparkly and bright, will be the way forward.

Dopamine Dressing

While this trend does not encapsulate jewellery, it does help reinforce the idea that this coming year will be highlighted by vibrant colour, and in turn, bold, statement jewels. Colourful outfits, flattering fits and lively colour will be the mood of the 2022. Trending terms such as vibrant outfits, electric blue outfits and fuschia dress outfits, give us a clear indication that bright colours will rule next year.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Instagram Trend Report 2022

For its very first “Trend Report” Instagram tells us what to be ready for in 2022, as far as fashion and style goes. Based on data collected from their Gen Z audience (the audience most likely to shape future trends in popular culture), Instagram’s Trend Report does not discuss jewellery as such. Instead, the very first section in the report, “Fashion & Beauty” gives several pointers which may help jewellery designers and makers get a feel for 2022 buyer expectations.

Maximalism in Fashion

Bold fashion will be seen as a vehicle for self expression, with joy and optimism being the prevalent sentiments. This prediction ties in with Pinterest’s Dopamine Dressing, except Instagram predicts that maximalist fashion will also be reflected in alt-fashion and nostalgic wear for some. Here again the trends forecasted by Pinterest and Instagram are very much in tune. For instance, Pinterest’s Hellenistic Revival trend sits squarely beside Instagram’s nostalgic wear prediction. Overall, this trend points to big, colourful statement jewellery pieces that will complete the overall maximalist fashion look.

Minimalist Faces and Natural Beauty

Clean beauty and safer ingredients underline this beauty trend. According to Instagram, about 1 in 3 (or 33% of ) younger consumers will be opting for plant-based/vegan beauty products. Taking this trend into the jewellery sphere, responsibly and sustainably sourced jewellery materials including recycled gold, upcycled gems and ethically crafted jewellery pieces will become even more important this coming year. A related trend may be an increased interest in antique and vintage jewels, another environmentally conscientious source of jewellery. Of course, this trend also points towards an increased interest in pearl jewellery, the most sustainably sourced precious gem used by jewellers today.

With these trend predictions from Pinterest and Instagram, we can look forward to an exuberant and exciting year for jewellery, fashion and style, in 2022!

Featured Image: Loose Saltwater Cultured Pearls, Mikimoto

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