Pearl Jewelry Gifts For Men That Are Absolute Winners!

Pearl jewelry makes timeless and thoughtful gifts for men

by Reema Farooqui

While it may seem an easy enough task, finding gifts for men is notoriously difficult. It’s easy to find yourself stuck, without ideas or inspiration. But jewelry, especially pearl jewelry, is a meaningful alternative to a pair of socks or a tech organizer.

Pearls are timeless and these iridescent gems have a long history as a jeweled accessory for men.  And they continue to be a lustrous and easily wearable jewelry choice for men today.

Owning and wearing jewelry has an emotional undertone to it and the gift of jewelry is rife with meaning. Whether it’s an anniversary gift for him, something special for the holidays, a birthday gift or a memento to celebrate a career milestone, pearl jewelry for men is always a great choice.

Pearl jewelry today offers super stylish choices for men. Not just celebrities, but everyday men are fashioning their look with pearl necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches. And in the process adding some dazzling radiance to their personal style.

Here are a few ideas for pearl jewelry gifts for men, that are surefire winners!

Chris Ploof Designs

Damascus steel and pearl pendants by Chris Ploof Designs, gifts for men
Damascus Steel and Cultured Pearl Pendants, Chris Ploof Designs

Jewelry artisan Chris Ploof’s jewelry pieces are a harmonious marriage between ancient metalsmithing and jewelry making techniques, and technical brilliance in design and craftsmanship. At his eponymous jewelry studio, it is not unusual to find pieces made from meteorites set in gold and platinum, multi-metal rings crafted in the mokume gane style. Ploof’s Damascus steel and pearl pendant necklaces, fashioned from Ploof’s proprietary Damascus steel formula are true head turners. A fusion of the implacability of gray steel and soft radiance of pearls, these pendants are both very striking and filled with symbolism. Pendant necklaces are the perfect accessory for men who want to express their personal style and add a touch of glamour to their outfit. When handcrafted in Damascus steel and set with pearls, pendant necklaces for men look chic, unique and altogether elevated.


Mikimoto as a brand has always been associated with beautiful, cultured pearls. And the brand’s pearl jewelry pieces are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. This is true for all their pearl pieces, including their pearl cufflinks. Set with pearls and mounted in 18k gold, Mikimoto’s cufflinks are the perfect gift for a man who appreciates luxury and beautiful pearls.

Smiling Rocks

Lab-grown diamonds have come to occupy an important place in the jewelry world. These  conflict free diamonds are an attractive and affordable alternative to natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamond fine jewelry brand Smiling Rocks‘ Zulu collection showcases an array of avant- garde pieces made especially for men. Set with brilliant, white lab-grown diamonds alongside white, Freshwater pearls, these pieces whisper elegance and style in one breath!

Tiffany and Co.

Tiffany and Co. have always been on the forefront of fine jewelry trends. And the brand’s Hardwear collection more than proves this point. Inspired by the unmistakable architecture and vivid air of New York City, this collection is defined by its well-defined shapes and bold silhouettes. The pearl necklaces from the brand’s Hardwear collection are perfect for men and women alike. With sterling silver accents, these Tiffany pearl necklaces make an unforgettable statement and an outstanding jewelry gift for men.

8Rock Studio

Pearl jewelry, gifts for men
Loverboy Collection, 8Rock Studio

Hong Kong based Jewelry designer Priyashi Nahata’s fine jewelry brand 8Rock Studio aims to disrupt the jewelry industry with its colorful and eclectic pieces. Her pieces are crafted in 18k gold and are set with colorful gem and pearls. The brand’s Loverboy collection is inspired by two beings coming together and features half heart-cut blue topaz in various tones of blue and freshwater pearls.

Goudlokje Design

Beauty and the Beast Bracelet Set, Goudlokje Designs

Bracelets make excellent gifts for men, even for those who are reluctant to wear jewelry. Pearl bracelets have immense versatility. They can be discreet and understated or they can be high-wattage head-turners. Netherlands based goldsmith and jewelry designer Kristel van Elderen, founder of fine jewelry brand Goudlokje Design, handcrafted her “Beauty and the Beast” pearl bracelet set with just this in mind. The matching bracelets, one for him and the other for her, are infused with yin-yang energy. Perfect when worn on their own, these bracelets are elevated to something extraordinary when worn alongside a loved one wearing the matching piece.


The brooch has always been a crowd favorite. As a piece of jewelry, it says a lot about the wearer. Brooches have always been in style, but these days they are enjoying a renaissance, with both women and men embracing their charm and flair. Tasaki, a pearl brand that is loved for its innovative jewelry designs and exceptional jewelry craftsmanship boasts a large collection of brooches that can only be described as tastefully artistic. Set with cultured pearls that are second to none in quality and luster, Tasaki’s brooches speak to a man who understands his individual style and is not afraid to express it.

Pearl Jewelry make the best gifts

It really can’t be argued, just like women, men enjoy receiving great gifts. And the variety of styles and choices offered by pearl jewelry makes it an ideal option. From discreet pieces to conversation starters, pearl jewelry for men has so many different looks vibes. As a gift, it is an excellent choice.

Featured Image: “Beast” bracelet, Goudlokje Designs

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