The Timeless Appeal of Modern Pearl Jewelry

by Reema Farooqui

While many gems go in and out of style, pearls are timeless in their appeal. Their iridescent luster and organic origin not only makes them unique, it also makes them iconic. These days, pearls are enjoying an especially dazzling moment in the spotlight. Gone are the days when pearls were seen as a safe and conservative jewelry choice. But modern pearl jewelry is hip and edgy. For many jewelry designers, this luminous gem is the epitome of the modern aesthetic.

Trends in Contemporary Pearl Jewelry

Modern pearl jewelry is a reinterpretation of classic jewelry staples but seen through a contemporary lens. Contemporary pearls include pearl necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, but these pieces have a fresh and vibrant feel to them.

Layering and Stacking

Layering and stacking pearls is an easy way to make a distinctive style statement. And it’s a chic look for both men and women. Layering necklaces, or the neck-mess can take the form of mixed size or color pearl necklaces or pairing pearls with chains or any variation of these.

Some pearl necklace collections give jewelry buyers a great selection of necklaces to choose from. This is certainly true of GISEL B, a French jewelry brand that offers a wide range of freshwater pearl necklaces that can be worn singly or stacked with other necklaces to create a striking look.

Mixing Pearls and Colored Gems

Pearls and diamonds are a classic look that will never go out of style. But today, jewelry designers are rewriting the pearl narrative by adding color to their pearl jewelry. And what better way to do it than pairing pearls with colored gemstones. When pearls are paired with colored gems, something almost magical happens.

Jewelry designer Ana Stein, founder of Anahita Jewelry, agrees. “The inherent suppleness of pearls is in perfect balance when paired with faceted colored gemstones  It’s this juxtaposition between the smooth, lustrous pearl and the vibrant, multifaceted colored gemstone that intrigues me and adds a modern twist and timeless allure,” explains Ana, who finds the harmony in this gem pairing to be its most attractive aspect.

Geometric Designs

If there is one jewelry designer who has single handedly transformed the world of pearl jewelry, it is London-based Melanie Georgacopoulos. The avante garde and innovative pearl designs of her eponymous brand, as well as her groundbreaking use of sliced and carved Freshwater pearls and fascinating use mother of pearl as a gem material in her jewelry pieces has ushered in a era for pearls as a modern and exciting gem. In addition, Georgacopoulos’ jewelry designs are defined by their straight lines, clean angles and play with shapes and volume.

Commenting on why she is drawn to pearls, Georgacopoulos says “Pearls are simply timeless. Proof of that is that they get re-interpreted and worn by every generation. Gone are the days of the perfect white pristine pearl. People are now looking for pearls with character and unique shapes, it truly is a wonderful time to be working and wearing pearls!”

Georgacopoulos’ Hexad collection is an exciting play on several geometric elements. By combining the sensuous curves of pearls with the straight lines than define triangles and squares, the collection is both sophisticated and elegant. The streamlined designs of these pieces allow for the colors and luster of the Freshwater pearls as well as the skilled precision of the jewelry craftsmanship to shine.

For anyone who ever thought geometry was boring, Georgacopoulos’ jewelry designs will make you change your mind!

Statement Jewels

Pearls are perhaps the one gem that can make a memorable statement without being flashy. “There’s something about pearls that is subtle yet embodies the timeless elegance of beauty, bringing out the natural beauty of the wearer,” observes George Inaki Root, Creative Director and CEO of NYC based Milamore Fine Jewelry.

The brand’s Kintsugi collection is an homage to this Japanese practice. Mended not broken, the Kintsugi collection features pearls set in pieces that delicately embody the aesthetic behind mending objects with a view to elevating them. “Pearls are a significant part of Japanese culture, which is a major a source of inspiration for me,” explains Root, about his use of pearls in this statement jewelry collection.

Clean Lines, Minimalist Look

One of the best ways in which contemporary jewelry designs showcase the beauty of pearls is by making them the focus of the piece – clean lines, simple silhouettes. In such pieces, pearls are what the eyes are drawn to, and their charm comes alive.

NYC based LABULGARA fine jewelry has showcased lustrous white Freshwater pearls in the remarkably sleek pieces of their minimalist Horizon collection. These pieces speak of an elevated aesthetic and underline the allure of pearls in a uniquely unostentatious way. Simple is never easy to pull of but LABULGARA’s pearl jewelry pieces are able to do it with ease and sophistication.

Modern Pearls

A pearlescent renaissance is underway, and “pearl core” is the look of the moment. Pearls are no longer staid and prim gems. They are bold and exciting. Set in modern jewelry pieces, they call attention to their glamour and unique appeal. Modern pearl jewelry trends are changing the landscape of the jewelry world. By breaking down certain outdated ideas about pearls, modern pearl jewelry designs are making this iridescent gem a stylish choice for today and a classic forever.

Featured Image: Serpent Cuff Bracelet, Anahita Jewelry

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