When Girls Rise, We All Rise – Girl Up Collection

by Reema Farooqui
Girl Up

A Jewellery Brand that Champions Female Leadership and Empowerment through Fine Jewellery

It is a fact that women are the largest end-users in the global jewellery market.* It is also fact that countless women all over the world, face a myriad of social and economic challenges every day – their lives are an unending struggle for empowerment and self-agency.

Therefore, it is very encouraging when jewellery brands decide to address these social injustices and use jewellery, the one object most associated with women, to get their message heard. New York City based Girl Up Collection is one such brand.

The Girl Up fine jewellery collection first debuted in 2020 as a partnership between UNI CREATION, a diamond and fine jewellery company, and Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation’s leadership development initiative that works to empower girls all over the world.

The collection uses fine jewellery to bring positive change in the lives of girls everywhere. Quite simply, the brand donates 5% of all sales to Girl Up clubs and programmes worldwide. In turn, these clubs and programmes support female empowerment and gender equity by teaching important leadership and social skills to girls. Armed with these invaluable skills, these girls then become the voice of change and development in their respective communities.

Representing kindness, joy and fearlessness in the shape of finely made jewellery pieces, the Girl Up Collection sends out a strong message of hope and positivity. Imbued with colour and deep symbolism, these meticulously crafted jewellery pieces are more than just adornments-they are badges of support for girls, for gender equity and for female empowerment.

At the Girl Up collection, there is a wide selection of jewellery styles and designs to choose from. In addition, the pieces are available in both sterling silver as well as 10k gold and are offered at very attractive price points. Embellished with coloured gemstones and diamonds, the pieces are both stylish and trendy.

Every piece represents an idea or thought that is closely aligned with the core philosophy of the brand – Girl Up! The design motifs and symbols speak to female empowerment in subtle yet significant ways. Peace is seen in the Dove collection, while success is depicted through laurel leaves in the Laurel collection. The powerful girl symbol, proud and confident, is suffused with strength and a sense of self worth. All these jewels -charms, pendants, earrings or rings – speak in a voice that is both uplifting and optimistic. And where there aren’t symbols, there are words- fearless, fierce, strong, unity, joy…each word a promise for a better, more equitable tomorrow.

Rose Gold Laurel Leaf Cross Over Necklace with Diamonds

Moreover, the versatility of the pieces allows wearers to express their individual style in many different ways. For instance, singly, the Empowerment charm bracelets carry a message of beauty and goodness. Worn together, they make a gorgeously colourful arm stack. Similarly, layering the Fearless necklaces with Fearless pendants creates an unforgettable neck mess. However, worn singly, each necklace or pendant has an elegance that is hard to miss.

It is said that female empowerment not only improves the lives of girls but lifts entire communities out of poverty and sets them on the path of self sufficiency and progress. The Girl Up collection allows you to be a small yet concrete part in the shaping of that future. For many young girls all over the world, the beautiful jewellery pieces at Girl Up Collection represent a happier and more just future for all.

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You can follow the Girl Up Collection on Instagram @girlupcollection

*According to Statista, in 2020, the total global jewelry market was valued at approximately 228 billion U.S. dollars. 

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