Everything Starts with a Great Brand Story

by Reema Farooqui
Brand Story

Why Brand Story Telling is the Best Way Forward in 2022

No one can argue that jewellery market, at every price point, has become more crowded. But with the right tools, there is immense potential for growth. Brand Story Telling is one such tool.

Brand storytelling that connects directly and deeply with jewellery consumers is no longer a luxury. This is because the start of the pandemic forced many jewellers to move into the digital world. This shift to E-commerce made geographical distance almost immaterial. What were once local jewellery businesses suddenly found themselves playing in a larger, global arena.

So, in a space where everyone is offering jewellery at comparable price points, how can a jewellery business find its own unique place? The answer is by creating an unforgettable brand, an engaging story and with providing plenty of opportunities to engage with the brand.

Understanding Your Brand Identity

A brand identity is so much more than the visible elements of a logo or a meaningful tagline. Your brand identity is an intangible asset that helps people identify your jewellery or even you! It is the overall impression that customers leave with whenever they interact with a brand. And this impression has a very strong emotional component.

This becomes doubly important in the jewellery world because all jewellery purchases are coloured with some emotion. Whether it is a personal purchase or a gift for a loved one, no jewellery purchase takes place without an emotional component to the piece.

A good brand story, like any good story, should be honest, human and captivating. It should elicit positive feelings and emotions in customers. These feelings and emotions, in turn, become the reason why customers choose your jewellery.

Brands are among a jewellery company’s most valuable and important assets. It is proven science that consistent marketing and messaging leads to a more consistent brand identity and more consistent sales.

Therefore, for jewellery brands, telling an honest and compelling brand story is a brilliant way to attract and retain customers. Telling your brand story not only makes you more relatable but makes your jewellery brand resonate with buyers who are then much more likely to return.

How to Tell Your Brand Story?

Start with answering four questions and then weaving them in all your customer interaction touch points.

  • Who you are? Tell your story and don’t be afraid to make it personal.
  • What do you do? Can you describe your vision?
  • What do you stand for? What are your core values and why are they so important to you?
  • Why should your customers care? How can your jewellery brand solve their problems? Will it bring them happiness or help them communicate with someone they love? Show them why they should care.

The answer to these four questions is the starting point of your brand story. This is because not only do they highlight why you love the jewellery world but more importantly what values motivate and guide you and how your presence in the jewellery world makes it a better place. An authentic and meaningful story where your customers can see themselves within to create an emotional bond between your brand and your customers. It is this emotional bond that will eventually set you apart from other jewellers and lead to more consistent conversions.  

NYC based Girl Up Collection supports female empowerment and gender equity

Here’s a Great brand Story!

The Girl Up Collection, a NYC based jewellery brand has a powerful brand story that is visible at different points of contact with jewellery buyers, such as their website and on their social media platforms. Girl Up Collection supports female empowerment and gender equity through the sale of its fine jewellery pieces. In addition, the jewellery pieces themselves carry messages of positivity, hope and optimism.

Because of this brand story, each sale makes the customer a part of a much larger cause and wearing the jewellery pieces is a reminder of that. In this way, the customer is linked to the brand through a common set of values. At its very core, this relationship has a strong emotional connection formed because of a purposeful and captivating brand story.

Begin the Process

Brand story telling does not happen in a day. It is an ongoing process and requires consistency, commitment and patience as well as honesty and transparency. But the important thing is that your brand story is unique to you and developing it is a good jumping off point to building a great brand, creating greater brand awareness and brand loyalty. Over time, there are only positive results to be gained from a good brand story.

Featured Image: Lady Rubellite Necklace, Baroko High Jewellery Collection, Bulgari. As a brand, Bulgari honours Rome’s rich history, heritage and culture through beautiful jewellery, watches, perfumes and accessories.

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