The 5 Hottest Jewelry Trends for Winter 2024

Glam up your winter style with pearls and more

by Reema Farooqui

Winter is here and with it our winter coats and cashmere scarves. But the most exciting part of this season is the jewelry we wear to brighten the dark gloom of the season. Because winter fashion often favors darker or neutral colors, wearing jewelry is both uplifting and elevates your winter outfit. The jewelry trends for winter 2024 continue to dazzle, and pearls feature strongly in them.

The thing about winter jewelry trends is that they are very wearable and versatile. Most people like buying one or two statement or classic pieces and then wear them in different settings. Finding timeless pieces of pearl jewelry and incorporating them in your winter look, but then wearing them throughout the year, is a definite win-win situation. 

Pearls remain an important part of current jewelry trends. “Pearls, especially South Sea pearls continue to adorn fashion runways and red carpet icons because of their timeless elegance and lustrous glow. This is because pearls possess a unique natural beauty which cannot be replicated by other gemstones,” observes Louis Youd, Retail Marketing Manager at Australia based pearl jewelry brand, Allure South Sea Pearls.

Pearls and more, here are the top jewelry trends for Winter 2024.

Brooch Love

If there is one essential, must-have jewelry piece for this winter, it is the brooch. Pins and brooches are back in style and they elevate all winter outfits with their elegance and flair.

As a fashion statement, brooches deliver in spades. This is especially true for pearl brooches.  They can be classic, set with diamonds and natural pearls or they can have a very contemporary look. Antique and vintage brooches offer so much to jewelry wearers. Great craftsmanship, one of a kind pieces and many antique and vintage pieces have a wonderful story to tell. Also, the fact that these pieces are pre-loved makes them infinitely attractive to the sustainably-conscious jewelry lover!

Wearing brooches is also a wonderful ways to express your personal style. You can wear them on your jackets, coats, blazers, sweaters or even on a hat or beanie. What’s more, a pearl brooch can hold your scarf in place, cinch the waist of a cardigan or secure your shawl. This versatility and dual functionality makes brooches more than just a jeweled adornment for winter.  

Ear Candy

Winter means jackets and coats with collars and yards and yards of woolly scarves, to keep our necks warm. So, unlike summer where long, dangly earrings add playful whimsy to any outfit, for winter, smaller earrings are what we turn to.

Winter fashion lends itself to monochromatic colors. Pearl earrings not only provide a glamourous frame to your face, they add a touch of pearlescent charm that livens up the “color- sameness” of your winter outfits.

Pearl ear studs are an absolute essential part of winter jewelry wear. Pearl stud earrings are available in a host of different pearl colors. While white Akoya or Freshwater pearl ear studs are an all-time favorite, why not add a touch of sunshine to your winter look by wearing golden South Sea pearl ear studs?

You can be more adventurous and turn to ear climbers to add some stylish bling to your overall look. The elongated look of the ear climbers makes them stand out when worn. But they also serve a practical purpose. Because they “climb up” the ear, they neither get hidden by scarves and shawls, nor get tangled in their fringe and folds. 

Baroque Shapes

Baroque pearls are loved for their unique and irregular shapes. This characteristic sets them apart form the ideal of round pearls but makes them all the more alluring. Also, baroque pearls exhibit very strong and attractive luster. It’s no wonder then that pearl lovers everywhere have started favoring baroque pearls.

The baroque pearl jewelry trend continues this winter. It is versatile and seamlessly transforms from casual to formal wear. For your winter look, wear baroque pearl earrings. Freshwater baroque pearls earrings, with flashes of colorful overtones and deep and strong luster, are a jewelry must-have for this season.

Why not wear a pearl bracelet with gorgeous baroque pearls? Pearl bracelets can be worn singly or layered with other pearl bracelets. With baroque pearls, you have the freedom to play with shapes, colors and sizes, allowing you to make your own personal style statement.

Or, how about a cuff or bangle set with baroque pearls as a statement accessory?

Baroque pearls can be incorporated in variety of styles. With their unconventional shapes and asymmetry, baroque pearl jewelry challenges the idea of the classic pearl piece. Instead it is the definition of perfect imperfection – confident, modern and quite exceptional.

Layers and Stacks

Layering continues to be one of the coolest ways to wear jewelry. Layer your necklaces, wear ring stacks and create enviable wrist candy by wearing multiple bracelets and bangles. This jewelry trend works for winter because it complements the essential tone of your winter wardrobe.

Winter wardrobes feature wool, knitted fabrics and cashmere – fabrics that are loved for their textures and feel. Layering necklaces with these fabrics adds another element to your overall look, creating a focal point of interest and beauty. Wear pearl necklaces of different lengths with your turtle neck sweaters, add metal chains to give depth to the look, and have fun with your winter neck-mess.

Similarly, an arm stack of pearl bracelets worn over long-sleeves is quite eye catching. Wear two or three pearl bracelets together, play with color and shapes and enjoy the contrast of the luster of pearls against the slightly fuzzy texture of your winter apparel.

Statement Pearl Rings

Bold and opulent is going to be the look for 2024 and statement pearl rings flawlessly meet this brief. Of all jeweled accessories, pearl rings are perhaps the most versatile. They can as easily be paired with casual sweaters as with formal evening wear.

On the days when you have to wear gloves, wearing a statement pearl ring might not be a great idea. But on milder winter days, add some enchantment to your look by wearing an iridescent pearl ring. Play with colors. Put on a pink or purple Freshwater pearl ring or wear a Tahitian pearl ring against the demure color palette of your winter wardrobe. Or how about an intricately designed multi-gem statement ring that speaks volumes about your sense of style and verve.

Winter Jewelry Trends

During winter, your outfits tend to be heavier and darker. The wardrobe is awash with monochromes and muted tones, an echo of the weather outside. However, jewelry can add a dash of liveliness and panache to your winter look. The jewelry trends for winter 2024 are striking, versatile and pearlescent. So, are you ready to rock your winter look?

Featured Image: Anastasia’s Pool Cuff, handcrafted in 18k yellow gold and featuring five Australian South Sea keshi pearls, Allure South Sea Pearls

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