77 Diamonds Makes Waves in the Lustrous World of Pearls

The renowned diamond jeweler debuts its first pearl collection to great accolades

by Reema Farooqui

It’s difficult to resist the allure of pearls. This fact is not only true for jewelry lovers, it is true for Europe’s largest online diamond jeweler, 77 Diamonds.  

The online diamond retail brand recently launched its very first pearl jewelry collection and already this collection has won the much coveted Professional Jeweller’s Collection of the Year 2023 award, in the pearl category.

The Pearl Collection

The collection consists of finely crafted necklaces, pendants and earrings, featuring lustrous  pearls and scintillating diamonds. Each piece is available in a choice of 18K white, yellow or rose gold.

Renowned for its vast selection of natural and lab-grown diamonds, 77 Diamonds has been crafting beautiful diamond jewelry since 2005. The Pearl collection is its first foray into the world of pearls. Inspired by Greek mythology, the different pieces of the collection have been named after famed water nymphs.

Initially launched as a capsule collection, 77 Diamonds’ Pearl collection is slowly evolving, with new pieces being added to it regularly. This further adds to its appeal. For instance, the Tesora pearl ear studs that are both timeless and versatile, are a welcome new addition to the collection. “At 77 Diamonds, we provide a bespoke jewellery service, meaning that we can readily create any new pearl design depending on our  customers’ preferences,” explains Tobias Kormind, managing director of 77 Diamonds, about the brand’s bespoke services which now include pearl jewelry as well.

The pearl jewelry pieces from this collection are perfect as jeweled adornments for special occasions and as meaningful gifts.

The Designs

“We were keen to explore a new set of designs that incorporate pearls as the main feature in this collection. Pearls are the only organically created precious gemstone in the world, unlike sapphires or rubies found in the earth or river beds. This lends pearls an incredible hue that cannot be replicated,” observes Kormind about the collection.

The overall aesthetic of the collection is chic and sleek. Defined by clean lines and pristine silhouettes, the simple yet impactful designs of the pieces make them modern classics. “We were very careful to move away from what is considered traditional pearl jewellery, to offer a more minimalist, 21st-century approach to pearl jewellery,” Kormind points out.

Diamonds and pearls have been paired in fine and high jewelry since forever. However, this most timeless gem pairing has found a wholly refreshing and contemporary interpretation in 77 Diamonds’ Pearl collection. “Playing on the contrast between the soft glow of pearls with the reflective brilliance of diamonds, we sought to bring this precious gemstone into a new light,” muses Kormind, about the choice of pearls and diamonds for this collection.

An important aspect of the collection is its versatility. All the pieces have a quiet sophistication to them, giving them effortless wearability and enduring charm. Simply put, the pieces readily translate from stylish day wear to evening elegance.

The Pearls

The real superstars of the Pearl collection are, of course, its pearls. “To match our customers’ price points, we decided to offer our jewellery in different sets of pearls: Freshwater, Akoya and South Sea,” Kormind points out.

For 77 Diamond’s first pearl collection, the one absolute criterion was finding gem-quality, superbly lustrous pearls. Luster is the way light interacts with the surface of a pearl and reflects back. Highly lustrous pearls exhibit very reflective, almost mirror-like surfaces and seem to glow from within.

“Each pearl has been carefully selected for its lustre and sheen, ” explains Ann Byers, head designer of the collection. For instance, the baroque drop-shaped Freshwater pearls in the Thalia earrings have a lovely hue and softly shimmering luster. Similarly, the Cyrene drop earrings which feature cream and champagne colored South Sea pearls, exhibit a luxurious and satiny luster. Likewise, the Oceania ear studs, are set with sharply lustrous Akoya pearls.

Lustrous pearls accentuated by brilliant diamonds is the highlight of this collection. The soft, rounded contours and iridescence of the pearls play off perfectly against the precise facets and sparkle of the diamonds, creating a spectacle that is at once luxurious and refined.

Diamonds… and Pearls

77 Diamonds’ Pearl collection has been crafted for jewelry lovers who appreciate beautiful pearls and finely crafted jewelry. The minimalist designs and gem-grade pearls easily make this collection one of the most welcome additions to the world of pearls.

Featured Image: Naiad Necklace and Maia Oval Drop Earrings, Pearl Collection, 77 Diamonds

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