From High Jewellery to Luxury Fragrances, A Bejewelled Meeting Point

by Reema Farooqui
Brand Extension

Why does this brand extension work so well?

It’s always fascinating to see the perfume bottles of fragrances launched by high jewellery brands. The bottles say it all. Their shape, colours and finish are always an undeniable extension of the Maison’s jewellery collections. For instance, the deep, jewel-toned bottles of Chopard’s Haute Perfumerie collection, with their distinctive contours, are the perfect complement to the Maison’s high jewellery collections which celebrate colour through exquisitely faceted gemstones. Similarly, Cartier’s sculptural La Panthère Eau de Parfum bottle is a striking representation of the Maison’s timeless icon, the wild and mysterious panther.  

These are examples of successful brand extensions. In fact, the marriage between high jewellery and luxury fragrances has time and again proven to be a synergistic pairing.

What is brand extension?

Brand Extension is an important marketing strategy where an existing brand uses its brand name to offer new products in new markets or market segments. The idea behind brand extension is to use the brand’s already established equity to expand the brand’s reach into new markets. If done successfully, brand extension helps a brand establish its presence in new markets, reach new demographics and boost overall sales.

Jewellery x Fragrance – A Brand Extension Made in Luxury Heaven

Fine and high jewellery brands expand their reach into the luxury fragrance market because both these products share one common quality – opulence, never stated aloud but always felt. With this key characteristic, a move from exclusive jewellery into high-end fragrances is not only intuitive, it is brilliant. Expansion into the fragrance sector can help a jewellery brand in two indisputable ways.

First, the Maison taps into the brand loyalty it has generated with its jewellery clients. Existing clients of the brand are easily drawn to their fragrances, relying on their positive jewellery buying experiences as well as the perceptions of exclusiveness and luxury that are associated with the Maison.

Second, the Maison discovers a new set of clients who may not, as yet, be purchasing their fine and high jewellery but still seek positive association with the jewellery brand. This is easily afforded with the purchase the brand’s luxury fragrances. The positive association, which has a strong emotional component to it, often becomes aspirational in nature. In time, it has the potential to transform these new clients into jewellery buyers.  

Graff’s Lesedi La Rona Fragrance Collection 

The House of Graff is one of the latest jewellery brands to enter the luxury fragrance sector, with the launch of their Lesedi La Rona collection of six exceptional fragrances, in 2020. An homage to the 302.37 ct. Lesedi La Rona diamond, the crystal fragrance bottles are reminiscent of the iconic diamond’s distinctive emerald cut. This fragrance collection is a dazzling invitation to jewellery and fragrance lovers to bask in the enigmatic aura of the Lesedi La Rona diamond, all the while enjoying the sumptuousness that the House of Graff stands for.  

Tried and Tested

Established jewellery brands extending their reach into other luxury segments has been a popular marketing strategy, particularly so in the last fifty years. However, the pairing of haute joaillerie and haute parfumerie works particularly well together since both product categories complement and , in some ways, boost each other. Plus, when executed smoothly, it adds a compelling new chapter to the parent brand’s own story. From Van Cleef & Arpels and Boucheron to Mikimoto, stepping into the world of luxury fragrances seems a natural next step in the evolution of a jewellery brand. When done well, this is aromatically sparkling partnership keeps giving.

Featured Image: Quatre Eau De Parfum, Boucheron

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