An Edgy and Groundbreaking Collaboration between Comme des Garçons and Mikimoto

by Reema Farooqui

The most exciting news to come out of the pearl world last week was the news regarding the two-year collaboration between Mikimoto and Comme des Garçons. Ostensibly this collaboration seems like an unlikely pairing, considering their vastly different approaches to fashion. However, on looking at the first seven pieces of this collaboration, I feel that it works perfectly.

Courtesy of Comme des Garçons , Mikimoto
Tetsuya Niikura @signo

Comprising of a unisex collection of pearl necklaces, these necklaces are aimed primarily at men. They have been designed by Comme des Garçons using Mikimoto pearls. With luminous white South Sea and Akoya pearls, these pearl necklaces have been set in sterling silver and are adorned with chunky chains as well as sterling silver logos and charms.

Courtesy of Comme des Garçons, Mikomoto
Tetsuya Niikura @signo

A favourite of mine is the double row pearl necklace with the second row of pearl clipped on to the first row, instead of being a full second row of pearls. This is taking a traditional design and adding a very inventive twist to it.

I feel that while these are pearl strand necklaces, yet they are more- they are pearl necklaces reimagined. The designs are not feminine since they have been designed as an adornment for men. Historically, pearls have been worn by men but this modern iteration of pearls for men is bringing the age old tradition back into mainstream culture, and bravo for that! In addition, what interests me the most about this collaboration are the fantastic opportunities for new trends and designs that are bound to emerge in how pearls are worn and the first step to breaking the cultural barriers for who can enjoy wearing pearls.

Courtesy of Comme des Garçons , Mikimoto
Tetsuya Niikura @signo

Looking at the pearl necklaces, I have to say that this partnership between Comme des Garçons and Mikimoto is not as unlikely as it appears at first glance. An all Japanese collaboration, both companies are trailblazers in their own way, and both espouse very high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

The collection is scheduled to launch in mid-February and will be available at Dover Street Market and Comme des Garçons stores internationally and at the Mikimoto boutiques in Ginza, Japan. Since this collection is the first part of a two-year collab, I am excited to see how it will pan out and where it will take pearls and pearl fashion trends.

What do you feel about these unisex pearl necklaces?

Featured Image Courtesy of Comme des Garçons and Mikimoto, Tetsuya Niikura @Signo

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