Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas That Are Unique and Thoughtful

Saying 'I Love You' with pearls has never been this lustrous

by Reema Farooqui

Valentine’s Day comes around once every year. Bang in the middle of winter when everything looks gray and dull. But nothing chases away those blues than seeing brightly decorated red hearts, on chocolate boxes, candles and other keepsakes. However, it’s the gift of carefully selected jewelry that is a true winner among all Valentine’s day love tokens.

Jewelry has a way of saying so much, without uttering a single syllable. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that jewelry itself is an emotion – it’s love, happiness, delight, joy, surprise, pleasure, and tenderness. The sentiments attached to a gift of jewelry stay with your loved one forever. As a gift for Valentine’s day, nothing comes close to a beautiful and thoughtful piece of jewelry, because it’s a gift that shows you care, in an unmistakeable way.

Here are some perfect Valentine’s day pearl jewelry gifts that say I Love You in bejeweled tones!

Put a Ring on it

Did you know that almost a fifth of all married couples got engaged on Valentine’s day? And why not. This day is a celebration of love, especially romantic love. And while the haters are going to hate, making it official on February 14th is a real power move.

Why not make it especially memorable by proposing with a stunning pearl ring? While diamonds have long been associated with engagements, that doesn’t mean a pearl engagement ring isn’t just as spectacular? A beautifully crafted pearl ring, set with a gem-quality pearl (or two), can easily become the perfect token of love.

But even if you are not going down the proposal route, giving the gift of a pearl ring to a loved one is an especially meaningful gesture. Pearls are one of the most evocative gems in the world. Organic in origin, these drops of luster and radiance symbolise purity, wisdom and good fortune. Brimming with meaning, a pearl ring as a gift is the distillation of love expressed in iridescence and shine.

Akari Ring by Robin Callahan Designs

Designed and handcrafted by award-winning jewelry designer Robin Callahan. This ring, which won the Instore Design Competition last year, features a faceted white South Sea pearl, diamonds and garnets, in an open Euro-style shank.

Valentine's day pearl jewelry gifts

Sleek Pearl and Diamond Toi et Moi Ring by Yoko London

An elegant ring, the Sleek Toi et Moi ring by Yoko London, features two gem-quality Akoya pearls and diamonds and is mounted in 18K rose gold.

Valentine's day pearl jewelry gifts

Comète Black Pearl Ring by Mathon Paris

A Tahitian pearl cocktail ring by French jewelry Maison Mathon Paris, this ring features a large, lustrous Tahitian pearl and pink sapphires.

Crushing on Pendants

One of the most elegant pieces of jewelry, a pendant is the eternal jewel. However, when set with a dazzling pearl, this piece becomes seriously chic. And it is a romantic gift. Choosing a pearl pendant for a special someone takes time, but more than that, its takes an innate yet accurate understanding of the choices and preferences of your loved one. These days, pearls are enjoying a renaissance of sort. But it is baroque-shaped pearls that are really making waves. With their organic and asymmetrical shapes, baroque pearls are the definition of unique and distinctive. A baroque pearl set in a pendant is perfect as a Valentine’s day gift.

Valentine's day pearl jewelry gifts

Whispering Baroque Pearl Pendant by Fei Liu Fine Jewellery

Inspired by the twisting, sculptural shape of the exotic Orchid flower, the Whispering baroque pearl drop pendant by jewelry designer Fei Liu features a large white Freshwater baroque pearl and diamonds.

Baroque pearl and diamond necklace

Baroque South Sea Pearl Pendant by Rio Pearl

A silvery blue baroque South Sea pearl and diamond pendant by Hong Kong based Rio Pearl, which is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year.

Valentine's day pearl jewelry gifts

Jardin Pendant by Syna Jewelry

The Jardin Mother-of-Pearl and diamond medallion pendant by Syna Jewelry features an iridescent piece of white mother-of-pearl which serves as a background to floral branches embellished with diamonds.

Earrings – A Match Made in Heaven

Earrings aren’t the first piece of jewelry you think of when brainstorming for Valentine’s day gift ideas. But pearl earrings are the ideal Valentine’s day gift for a number of reasons. First, they are versatile and give the gift giver a wide range of options to choose from – studs, hoops, drops and dangles. Second, earrings are literally one-size-fits-all. No more worrying about guessing the right size or finding out that the jewelry store is out of that size. Third, earring are timeless. While many jewelry trends come and go, a fine pair of earrings showcasing high quality pearls will never go out of style.

Valentine's day pearl jewelry gifts

Le Papillon Vert Earrings by Marie-Bénédicte Jewellery Design

A pair of earrings by jewellery designer Marie-Bénédicte featuring matching baroque Tahitian pearls with exceptional peacock overtones and green diamonds, mounted in 18K yellow gold

Freshwater pearl and diamond earrings

Angell Earrings by Hoogenboom & Bogers

A pair of Freshwater pearl and diamond earrings by Netherlands based fine jewelry house, Hoogenboom & Bogers. Handcrafted at their in-house workshop by jewelry designer duo Heleen Hoogenboom and Sanne Bogers.

Valentine's day pearl jewelry gifts

Medium Hoop Earrings by Christina Caruso

Handcrafted by jewelry artisans in New York City, these 14K gold plated hoops by jewelry designer Christina Caruso showcase two matching freshwater pearls.

Necklace Love

The one piece of jewelry that has stood the test of time as a jeweled adornment, an emblem of luxury and a style statement is the pearl necklace. As a piece of jewelry, pearl necklaces are versatile and fun. They can be elegant and chic, but they can also be modern and flirty. Nothing makes a statement quite like a pearl necklace.

As a Valentine’s day gift, pearl necklaces are second to none. Whether you gift it to her or to him, your special someone will always cherish their pearl necklace.

Natural pearl necklace

Natural Pearl Necklace by A La Vieille Russie

A natural pearl, emerald and diamond chain necklace at A La Vieille Russie. This contemporary necklace features lustrous gray natural pearl, faceted emeralds and diamonds.

Valentine's day pearl jewelry gifts

White Freshwater Pearl Double Row Necklace by Pearls of Joy

A necklace showcasing well-matched double strands of high quality white Freshwater pearls by pearl jewelry brand, Pearls of Joy.

Featured Image: Handcrafted Aubergine Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Pendant by Mathon Paris.

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