Misahara, A Fine Jewelry Brand That Resonates at a Personal Level

Making fine jewelry an everyday luxury, one superb piece at a time

by Reema Farooqui

Misahara fine jewelry brand has been delighting jewelry lovers since 2013. Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, owner, founder and creative genius behind the jewelry brand, firmly believes that wearing jewelry is way for people to express their authentic self and unique stories.

At Misahara, every jewelry piece embodies layers of emotions – nostalgia, heritage, love, aspiration. Hence, Galeb-Roskopp asks all jewelry lovers one simple question – what does your jewelry make you feel?

Each Misahara piece is carefully handcrafted in New York City by master artisans and goldsmiths. Alive with color, lively details and whimsical yet meaningful design motifs, Misahara pieces are coveted by jewelry lovers all over the world.

To celebrities like Lady Gaga, Ashley Park and Ayo Edibiri, as well as to discerning jewelry lovers invested in high quality, handcrafted pieces, Misahara jewels have time and again provided the perfect touch of elegance and sparkle to any look.

About Lepa Galeb-Roskopp

The daughter of a diplomat, Galeb-Roskopp has traveled the world and continues to find inspiration for her jewelry designs from the cultures, colors and unique customs of the places she visits.

In between her travels, she divides her time between Montenegro, South Africa, New York City and California. A self-taught jewelry designer, Galeb-Roskopp is a global citizen, whose jewelry designs bridge the distances between far off horizons.

How it all started – Misahara Jewelry

Galeb-Roskopp has always loved fine jewelry, not just as a stylish adornment, but something carrying deep meaning. So, while she appreciated getting jewelry gifts from her husband, she never formed a personal connection with those pieces.

It was this search for an emotional resonance with jewelry that set her off on her jewelry journey. What started as a reimagining of jewelry pieces (a theme that has stayed with Galeb-Roskopp these past ten years) blossomed into a genuine passion for jewelry design. “With the support and encouragement of my husband and family, I started my own jewelry brand, Misahara. Just as all of my jewelry designs tell a story, so does the name Misahara which is a word created from the names of my three children, Mara, Sara and Harrison.”

Never one to follow trends, Galeb-Roskopp enjoys observing how people tell their stories through fashion and jewelry, “I love fashion, and watching how people dress, behave and react. I have the advantage of admiring fashion and people from all around the world because I live in different places throughout the year,” Galeb-Roskopp muses.

Shuttling between North America, Europe and Africa gives Galeb-Roskopp the opportunity to see different faces of fashion and design aesthetics. This then become the source of inspiration for her jewelry designs.

Other than this, she turns to Nature, a limitless fountain of inspiration that sets her imagination free, giving wings to her creativity. “I must be in the right frame of mind and be in a positive head space with positive energy around the design process,” Galeb-Roskopp notes about her design process.

But, as a creative person, she also acknowledges that there are times when her creative passion ebbs. Nevertheless, something as simple as a meaningful interaction with someone or travel to new destination, reignites the spark and she finds her mind brimming with design ideas. As a result, Galeb-Roskopp’s iPad and sketchbook, which she uses to bring her design ideas to life, is never far from her.

“I love working with my iPad because I can change colors and look at different gemstones and play around with different ideas until I am in love with the design. Right now, I am working on adding newness to some of our best-selling collections and reimagining some personal pieces,” says Galeb-Roskopp.

Ever the perfectionist, Galeb-Roskopp continues to tweak her designs until feels a personal connection to them. Her team then recreates them into digital renderings and CAD drawings. However, whether a design moves on to the next stage or the process starts afresh, depends on a joint decision of all her team members.

Next, the renderings are dispatched to their jewelry workshop in NYC where they are either cast or made into 3D models. This is the most critical stage of the jewelry design process at Misahara. “If the functionality, craftsmanship, and beauty of the design comes through, then we will move forward with it. Also, proportions are very important to me and I make sure that  my designs aren’t too heavy and sit properly on the body,” Galeb-Roskopp explains. “It’s a long journey from start to finish but every step of the way is important to bringing beautiful fine jewelry to life.”

Exquisite Jewelry Craftsmanship

The one thing Galeb-Roskopp has never compromised on is the quality of craftsmanship that goes into her jewelry pieces. “In my mind, handcrafted jewelry is directly connected to high quality and exquisite craftsmanship.”

Choosing to have her pieces crafted by NYC based jewelry artisans is also a deliberate decision. “I want easy access the production teams and have eyes on every step of the process, to ensure that the quality is top of the line,” says Galeb-Roskopp.

And although machine-made and mass-produced jewelry would save the brand a lot in terms of production costs and time, this is a direction Galeb-Roskopp never wants to take because, as an artist, the idea of mass made jewelry simply does not touch her soul.

Brilliant Energy of Colors

If there is one common theme running through different Misahara jewelry collections, it is the wholehearted embrace of color by the brand. “I love working with colored stones. Specifically, gemstones that evoke the beauty I see in nature. When I look at a sunset or sunrise, I imagine it painted in gems. When I dive into the Adriatic Sea, I envision it filled with various colors of gemstones, all created by Mother Earth.” Galeb-Roskopp enthuses.

But it’s not simply the beauty or vibrancy of the colored gemstones that speak to her. “Nature and colored gemstones evoke an emotion in me that can best be described as peace.”

Although Galeb-Roskopp has favored tourmalines, with their multi-hued spectrum, over the years, these days she finds herself gravitating towards sapphires and aquamarines, as well as Rose de France amethyst. Of the last, Galeb-Roskopp explains, “I feel connected to its origin because of my recent acquisition of a professional soccer team in France. Also, I plan to spend more time there in the near future.”

Galeb-Roskopp also likes wearing and designing with pearls. In her estimation, nothing comes close to Akoya pearls in terms of beauty, luster and shape. Hence, from the very beginning, all Misahara pearl jewelry pieces have been set with top quality cultured Akoyas.   

However, it is diamonds that hold a particularly important place in her heart. “You can’t beat a beautifully cut white diamond set intricately into gold and I love mixing them with colored gemstones,” comments Galeb-Roskopp.

Misahara Pearl Earrings
Stena Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability and environmentally responsible practices have been two of Misahara’s core values since it was first established in 2013.

“My love for nature and protecting our planet has made it an easy path to follow, because I don’t want the production of our jewelry to have negative effects on our Earth.” The company partners with ethically run gem mines to source its colored gemstones and only uses Kimberly process certified diamonds in its pieces. Alongside this, the brand makes every effort to incorporate recycled gold in its production process.

Another aspect of the brand’s quest for sustainability comes from Galeb-Roskopp “reimagining” her clients’ old jewels and heirlooms, giving them a chance to be loved and worn again. “Often, jewelry passed down has sentimental value  but is never worn, which is shame. I help my clients redesign a piece based on a meaningful story, so, once again it becomes a treasure to be cherished for a lifetime.”

The creative process that goes into reimagining jewels is one of the most satisfying a meaningful aspects of Galeb-Roskopp work as a designer. “Along with making the jewelry more wearable and meaningful to the client, it is also great for the planet by reducing waste,” she observes.

Misahara Jewelry

One of the most recognized contemporary fine jewelry brands, Misahara Jewelry has redefined the idea of wearing jewelry by making it meaningful in a personal way. Everyday luxury, at Misahara Jewelry you will find pieces that speak to you and express your emotions and aspirations, in way that’s both intimate and stylish.

Featured Image: Pink Persuasion Ring, Petals, Floral Jewels Collection

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