Fifty Seven Years of Exquisite Jewellery

by Reema Farooqui

Elizabeth Gage’s The New York Collection 2020

Elizabeth Gage is a name that needs no introduction. Synonymous with style and exquisite craftsmanship, Elizabeth Gage’s jewellery pieces are a must-have for any serious modern jewellery lover. Her unstinting commitment to high quality materials and British hand made jewellery are a hallmark of her ethos as a designer. It is these two stand-out qualities that have made Elizabeth Gage carve a special and unmistakable place for her brand in the world of Fine Jewellery.

However, it would be a gross simplification to describe Elizabeth’s style as simply modern since her design inspirations are a carefully woven lace of concepts and ideas that span both time and space. There are Renaissance and Templar threads, skeins coming from Nature and strands incorporating historical artifacts themselves. Therefore, to box her creations as just ‘modern jewellery’ is to understate the breadth and complexity of her design aesthetic.

“It has always been my philosophy that fine and exquisite jewellery can be worn day into night” Elizabeth Gage

Every year for the past fifty six years, Elizabeth Gage has hosted a show of her new pieces and designs in New York. However, this year, given health and safety considerations, Elizabeth previewed her collection online. The New York Collection 2020 is a medley of beautiful jewellery pieces which are absolutely true to Elizabeth’s style. A fabulous kaleidoscope of earrings, rings, brooches and necklaces, The New York Collection 2020 is just what was needed to make Fall spectacular for jewellery lovers.

Aquamarine Ottoman Ring

As always, when I first saw the preview on Elizabeth Gage’s website, I naturally gravitated towards all the pearl jewellery pieces, which I loved instantly. However, some lovely non-pearl pieces also captured my attention and I am definitely not complaining. The colours of the collection are underlined by the rich hue of 18 K gold, with gems and enamel adding points of focus. The craftsmanship of each piece is exquisite, but that is to be expected with Elizabeth Gage. There is a rich variety of textures and motifs such that each piece though part of this one collection, is easily very striking on its own as well.

Nevertheless, some pieces truly captivated me. The Cherry Blossom earrings, a confection of deep blue enamel, diamonds and Akoya pearls are, in one word, delightful. Elizabeth found the inspiration for the bough and bud motif of these earrings from Chinoiserie wall paper designs, a nod to Nature via home décor. However, one can only wonder and marvel at how and where jewellery designers can find the spark of creative inspiration and then translate it into outstanding jewels.

The Pink Pearl Necklace was another piece that caught my eye. Cultured pink pearls (of Freshwater origin, I assume) and 18K red gold is a heavenly combination. Some colour skeptics may think that this colour duo will not go well together, but in fact it does, quite fabulously. The lustre of the pink pearls set against the burnished hue of polished red gold creates a rich and lively pairing. The textured shell clasp, an homage to the Nature or a nod to the aquatic origins of the pearls, adds the perfect finishing touch to this pearl necklace.

Aquamarine Fish Pin

The Aquamarine Fish Pin, featuring a textured and carved aquamarine grouper is another wonderful piece. Waves of 18K yellow gold encrusted with diamonds surround the fish as it sits atop a silvery-white South Sea pearl. Looking at this piece, you know it tells a fantastic story – a gemmy fish swims in a sea of gold where diamonds and pearls can be found. A true conversation starter!

The “Pharaoh” Ring

The “Pharaoh Ring” and the Ottoman Aquamarine Ring are two other exceptional pieces. Although these are non-pearl pieces, their colours and exquisite craftsmanship making both rings truly exceptional. The historic inspiration of these rings is right there in their names. However, each ring has a strong and vibrant personality of its own, distinct and attractive. The Pharaoh Ring is particularly lovely, with finely detailed, multicoloured enamel in a delicate chevron pattern, reminiscent of Egyptian Revival jewellery. The Aquamarine Ottoman Ring, with its cushion shaped Aquamarine cabochon, conjures up images of the cerulean waters of the Bosphorous and the domes of Hagia Sophia.

The Gazelle Pin

The Gazelle Pin features a gazelle stone amulet, 3000 BC, set atop a golden plinth. The details of this ring are outstanding-from the diamond eyes of the gazelle and the roller-seal impression of a gazelle in flight, etched on the gold plinth all the way to the bi-coloured tourmaline cabochon adding a pop of colour. There is real, tangible history in this pin, an artifact from thousands of years ago revived and made into a jewel. The symbolism of a gazelle, grace under pressure, so apt for our times, cannot help but move you!

In this new normal of the Covid 19 era, I find jewellery becoming an important channel of self-expression. On zoom calls or with our faces responsibly covered with a mask, jewellery becomes more than just an adornment. The gems become a voice and our jewellery starts to speak for us, for our moods and feelings. Elizabeth Gage’s The New York Collection 2020 through its design aesthetic, detailed craftsmanship and abundant colour, encapsulates uplifting joy and happy serenity, just the right emotions for a social encounter, online or in person!

Featured Image: The Cherry Blossom Earrings, Elizabeth Gage The New York Collection, 2020

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