A Meeting with Stephanie Fournier, Marketing Director at Anzie Jewelry

by Reema Farooqui

Anzie Jewelry, la vie en couleur, has always celebrated life, colour and elegance through its jewelry designs and pieces. Classic yet very versatile, Anzie Jewelry’s pieces speak to the natural beauty and style of today’s generation. In addition, artistic integrity is a core value of this Canadian jewelry brand. All their jewelry pieces are crafted by local artisans from Montreal, using materials, both gemstones and metals, sourced  only from ethically responsible suppliers. Anzie Jewelry has garnered immense admiration from the fashion world and has been featured in many top fashion publications. Their jewelry pieces are available in Canada as well as in the U.S. at many fine jewelry stores as well as at department stores such as Holt Renfrew, Saks 5th Avenue and Nordstrom. This year, Anzie Jewelry turns 20 and is celebrating this milestone with several very beautiful jewelry pieces.

Marketing is an important function of any organization- it informs customers, it engages customers and it can help create a long-lasting relationship with customers. Marketing is especially essential for a jewelry brand. This is because apart from being a fashion and personal style accessory, jewelry may carry a certain emotional significance for the wearer. On the blog today, we meet Stephanie Fournier, Marketing Director at Anzie Jewelry as well as its sister brand, Jac+ Jo. Stephanie has been at Anzie Jewelry since the past 8 years and has very kindly taken out the time to answer my questions about her role as Marketing Director of such a well loved luxury jewelry brand.

Stephanie, tell us a little about how you came to be the Marketing Director at Anzie Jewelry.

My background is actually in interior design! Wanting a change, I applied as a graphic intern many moons ago and grew within the company.

Anzie’s beautiful jewelry collections embody style and elegance but have also been described as ‘Everyday Luxury. ’ What is the most exciting aspect of marketing for this brand and what are the challenges, if any?

The most exciting aspect of my job is conveying the essence of the jewelry through a visual medium- be-it a brochure, our website etc. At the same time, it is also challenging because images will never do justice to the jewelry as it has a life of its own when you see it and touch it in person.

We also launched our sister company Jac+Jo jewelry last year. It’s another jewelry brand geared to a younger demographic. The challenge is trying to keep it looking different from Anzie, from the jewels to the marketing!

Anzie Jewelry, Creating Colorful Fine Jewelry Since 1999

As Marketing Director of a jewelry brand which conveys elegance and timelessness, what is your design inspiration for marketing?

 I’m always taking in everything I see around me and follow & subscribe to many accounts for inspiration- fashion especially. We aim to create no-fuss jewelry that makes the women wearing them happy. My goal is to reflect that in the marketing. Keep it down to earth, make the jewelry feel like it’s attainable, because it is. Make sure to always keep the product the focus of the story.

In your role as Marketing Director, which marketing project have you enjoyed doing the most and why?

I’ve been with the company for 8 years, and worked on many projects! But I have to say that I’m loving what my team and I are currently working on. It’s Anzie’s 20th anniversary. All of our marketing is revolving around “celebrating”. We’re also relaunching our website at the end of the summer.

Anzie Jewelry, Creating Colorful Fine Jewelry Since 1999

How do you think Social Media has changed marketing for luxury jewelry brands like Anzie and what, in your opinion are the pros and cons of this direct contact with your audience and customers?

Social media is a phenomenal tool. Instagram especially. Customers are able to peek into our world, see new pieces in real time, give us feedback. It’s a platform that allows for an exchange between us and the customer that we didn’t have so freely before.

What are the three words that best describe your job as Marketing Director?

Creative freedom, rewarding, demanding.

Anzie Jewelry has many beautiful pearl jewelry pieces in several of its jewelry collections. Which piece of pearl jewelry is your favourite and why do you like it so much?

I love the industry’s new take on pearls. I love the juxtaposition of it being such a classic stone but set in a modern, minimal way- so chic!

My favorite is the Bezel Pearl with a dangling Starburst Drop. So delicate and feminine yet modern.

Perfect for everyday with jeans. Pair it with a fun floral dress and blazer and you’re dressed up instantly for an evening out.

Rapid response: Your personal style: Classic, feminine and comfortable

Pendant Necklace or Bracelet? Bracelet

Cannot-do-without Accessory? Leather tote. Perfect for a mom of a 16month old!!

Dangling earrings or Earring studs? Studs

Favourite colour to wear all year round? Khaki or denim

Favourite style: Daytime chic or Evening elegant? Daytime Chic

Lastly, on a Sunday morning, what will we find you doing?

My daughter wakes me up bright and early. We play and usually we’ll have eggs & tea. There’s no longer time or opportunities to lie in!!!

Thank you so much Stephanie, for taking the time to answer these questions! I really appreciate it and wish you all the best for the future 😊

All photographs courtesy Anzie Jewelry

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