A Look at Yoko London’s “Sleek Collection”

A Look at Yoko London’s “Sleek Collection”

sleek adjective: smooth, shiny, not untidy (Cambridge English Dictionary)

Yoko London recently launched their Sleek Collection, featuring beautiful Akoya and Freshwater Pearls paired with diamonds.  The collection presents a selection of earrings that are both modern and stylish. There is an unmistakable sense of minimalism in the design aesthetic of this fine jewellery collection. Nothing is extra, everything appears precise and measured. The designs are characterized by very clean lines, arcs and waves and the colour palette of the collection is just as pristine -white and gold! Yoko London, true to its innate style, chose perfectly round pearls for each piece. Super lustrous white pearls, Akoya as well as Freshwater, are the stars of each piece. The designs, it seems, start with the pearls and then move on to the diamonds and 18 karat gold.

Akoya Pearl and Diamond Earrings

The magic of jewellery is that when we put it on, it transforms us in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways. Gemstones, metal and craftsmanship come together to create feelings of joy and pleasure, which we take with us wherever we go. However, the thing about well crafted jewellery is that it has the power to imbue us with a sense of confidence. This is certainly the case with Yoko London’s Sleek collection. From chandelier to drop earrings and all the way to ear clips, each piece is designed to create a statement of style, fashion and that most abstract feeling of with-it-ness.

A noteworthy thing about this collection is its catch phrase: designed to be worn anytime, anywhere. And it certainly is! There is a great variety of styles and sizes among the earrings. So, when looking at the overall collection, you can well imagine having ample choice to pick pieces for day wear as well as for a more formal evening setting. But even for each piece individually, it is still true- exquisitely crafted and adorned with gorgeous pearls and white diamonds, it is easy to imagine each earring in a several different settings.

Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Earrings

In my opinion, this is a collection not to be missed. There is a modern and young energy to all the pieces, but the designs are not limited by age or setting. All in all, every piece truly embodies the word Sleek, or as Yoko London have very succinctly described their collection on Instagram,” small pearls, big impact!”

Featured Image: Akoya Pearl and Diamond Stud Earrings, 18 K Yellow Gold

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