Social Media Services

by Reema Farooqui

Very often, jewellery brands, jewellery stores and independent jewellery designers don’t have the time or the expertise to showcase their jewellery to best effect on social media. At other times, they underestimate the value of being on social media. But being on social media is no longer “something to do on the side.” Social media  now defines all jewellery marketing strategy.

That’s is where I come in. With my demonstrated, hands-on experience and proven success in building a robust and impactful brand for myself on social media and my knowledge of different social media platforms I am the right person to manage your social media accounts. In addition, I have insider knowledge of how the jewellery world works and what appeals to jewellery lovers. I also understand jewellery and social media trends, and how jewellers can stand out and to get noticed.

With my professional and expert social media management and jewellery copywriting, show your beautiful jewellery pieces to a large and very engaged audience. Establish your unique brand presence in the digital sphere, create interest with potential clients and see the difference.


Other Services

Jewellery Copywriting: Exceptional copywriting for your jewellery business, compelling content for websites, email marketing and ads.

Packages can be customized to suit the client’s needs and requirements.

You can also find out more about Jewellery Collaborations with The Culture of Pearls and read some testimonials from important jewellery industry insiders.

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