Jewellery Collaboration

by Reema Farooqui

At The Culture of Pearls, my aim is to share and promote beautiful jewellery pieces that showcase unique and original designs and feature fabulous gems, especially pearls. I write about jewellery in a way that brings the different jewels alive for my readers and followers. I have a very engaged audience, both on Instagram, and on my website. My audience have come to trust me as a unique and genuine voice in the world of jewellery. Therefore, a jewellery collaboration with The Culture of Pearls not only gives jewellery brands access to a large number of devoted jewellery lovers on Instagram but through my website, to a completely different set of jewellery aficionados, all of whom have come to recognize The Culture of Pearls as a reliable source for jewellery content.

Here’s how we can collaborate

Collaboration on Instagram (Static post and Instagram Stories)

Feature / Article on Website

Sharing Press Releases on Instagram and/or Website

For more information, email me at

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