Instagram Profile of the Month for March 2020

Instagram Profile of the Month for March 2020

Its been a little more than a month since Canada (and most of the world) went into a state of emergency and now we are already halfway through April. The year seems to be going by very quickly, but I cannot say the same about the days of the week (that is if you can keep track of them). Some days seem to pass by in a blur while others simply drag their way to dinner and bedtime.

However, in between the stress-inducing grocery runs (gloves, mask, Lysol wipes-check, check, check) , the sad and somber news coming from different parts of the world, and the social media posts about the baking boom taking place in kitchens everywhere, it is the charm and beauty of pearls and pearl jewelry that has kept me happily turning to Instagram.

My Favourite Instagram Profile

For March, one Instagram profile really stood out for me. Pearlz Australia, who are based in Adelaide Australia, gave us an array of pearls and pearl jewelry, beautifully captured in photographs that highlighted the colours, lustre and shapes of the pearls to perfection. Every day, around 6:00pm Toronto time, I would check Instagram and every day Kathleen Branson, CPAA Specialist, Jewelry designer, Artisan jewelry maker and owner at Pearlz Australia, would post something new, something to admire and appreciate.

Kathleen mixed her posts so the variety was wonderful. Some days there were loose pearls, on others there were pearl earrings or strands, showcased against different backdrops-sometimes sea shells, some time vintage crockery, but never anything boring. Interspersed among these posts were some with a lighthearted look at the pandemic-induced shortages.

However, what I also loved about Kathleen’s posts were the captions. There were descriptions of the jewelry and quite often some personal thoughts about the thoughts that prompted her to make the earrings or bracelets or necklaces or how she envisions the pearls to be used.

Here are some of my favourite Instagram posts by Pearlz Australia

I love all tribal necklaces that Pearlz Australia creates, but this is something truly special, since the mix also includes not only Tahitian and South Sea pearls but also a large white Edison pearl!

The colours of these lavender pearls really are so soft and dreamy. In fact the colours are just perfect for Spring!

I would love to see that pair of earrings!


So, even though I really liked all the posts Pearlz Australia shared in March, the posts above brought an especially big smile to my face. Pearlz Australia has an Instagram profile that showcases beautiful pearls, be they saltwater or freshwater. The overall profile is a bouquet of pearls, in different colours, shapes and sizes, true eye candy for pearl lovers!

What was your favourite Instagram post for March? Please share in the comments below 🙂

You can find out more about Pearlz Australia by visiting their Etsy Store at Pearlz Australia

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